Fair Practices in Appraisals and Promotions

It is that time of the year! Oh no, no, I’m not talking about taxes, budgets or inflation! It’s the time of the year when most companies start working on their performance appraisal also. The forms are sent, or they are uploaded on the system and the links are sent to all the employees, guidelines all set, dates of review given etc. etc.

And yes, nervousness, butterflies in stomach, uneasiness, anxiety, eagerness are all very common words one can hear within the organizations.

Expectations, performance, productivity, achievements, goals and results are also very common words used during reviews specially and they all have so much of importance in our career so due importance should be given to these words but remember, these are not mere words they are linked deep down to the core of your own position in the organisation and can change the destiny also…5 points here and there and you are either going upwards on the corporate ladder or stuck there for some more years.

The same thing also goes for Employers or HR professionals; they need to be honest, fair and open in their practices specially related to appraisals and promotions.

Many companies lose their talent because of these unfair practices and loopholes in the promotion strategy or policy. The methodology, ratings and practices used for appraisals and promotions should be very clear and communicated openly to all the employees in the organisation without any limitations. Yes, one or two such cases who are expecting promotions but not given, and so are leaving the company is fine as this may happen as they look towards everything else except their own performance.

Some of you may also have felt the same, that if the policy is not clearly written or communicated to all, bias or prejudices comes in between, favorites taking all the good things and the hard worker left with Peanuts. Hmmm..sounds like your own story.

Appraisals are linked to promotions so that the ratings can justify the upward movements which are commonly known as Promotion also and they are regarded as an important thing in one’s career but then why are some of us involved in unfair practices while rewarding promotions to the employees? Why do we let the pre-conceived notions come in between our fool proof system of appraisals, little partiality, discrimination and what not.

  • There was once an Operations Manager who stopped the promotion of one of his team leaders because they used to come in the same office cab, the cab used to report to office late everyday, and TL was reprimanded by the VP Operations and so the team leader (after lot of cajoling) complained to the HR about the Operations Manager (that the Ops Manager used to take his dog for a round and the cab used to wait for him for 15 minutes at his residence everyday).

Interesting story… right ? but yes it is true we let our pre-conceived notions come in between to put  their future in jeopardy.

  • Another case is of a pregnant woman, who was working in the organisation for 6 years even before she got married. She was due for her promotion but she had to go for maternity leave, and after 3 months the time was gone and so was her promotion.
  • Gopal, was one of the employees who had been very honest and hardworking. Never missed office, worked properly, had no complaints against him, achieved targets on time but unfortunately was not promoted as he was on leave for 3 months (he met with a serious accident) but what has the company got to do with it. They never cared about promotion, for them he was given leaves and taken back that was more than enough.

So tell me, as HR professionals do you think these are fair practices? While we are sitting in such important positions that we let people down without their fault.

So, guys don’t just boast of your policies and practices but live them.

Share your experiences if you have come across such incidents in your career, and lets hear the solutions also.

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