Right Attitude will be Helpful at the Workplace

Having the right attitude can help you to be a successful employee at the work place and can also lead you to move up.

No matter how efficient you are, if you don’t have the right approach towards the job, the results will be on the negative side. Each employee thinks of many plans for his or her career and job in particular. Thus, the key to success begins with the realization that everything is a matter of attitude and thus having the right attitude can be very positive for your career.

If you have the right attitude you are in a position to accept every situation the way it is and take on the challenge. Employees with the right kind of attitude can help take the company to the next level. However right attitude does not imply positivity alone. It’s fair on the part of the employee to feel let down or unhappy about a particular instance or situation. Releasing anger in a productive manner is what matters for which the right attitude can help.

The attitude of an employee is one of the key attributes that is evaluated during the recruitment process. When it comes to recruitment the attitude of an employee and his / her belief in oneself  has as much to do as his / her core abilities and skill sets. Their confidence levels appear to be at its peak and self-confidence is important..

Start with a positive attitude towards your job, your colleagues and the immediate Boss. Be open to ideas, and ready to expect as well as accept change in its different formats.

It’s best to form your own opinion about people / situations rather than following the hard mentality but before you do so remember to assess the situation objectively.

Therefore for any problem you may be facing, it is best to approach the concerned people and get it sorted rather than have negative thoughts about it. Unlike popular belief the job of the HR team is not just to support the requirements of the management. Happy employees are an asset to the company and therefore one of the key roles of HR is to ensure that employees are satisfied and their complaints are addressed properly and if they are new to the organization then satisfactory clarification is given to them.

No matter how much you want to keep it at a distance you cannot escape negativity. It’s all around you. Therefore, it’s important to resist it for your own benefit. For example when you hear something negative from a colleague, understand that you may be getting only one aspect of the whole situation and the other side may be opposite of that. Therefore, be your own judge.

Humor and enthusiasm are two key elements that can always keep energy levels high. Try to find humor even in a hostile situation. It’s not all that difficult as there is humor in every situation. However, whether you identify it or not defines the kind of person you are.

Well, positive attitude is rated as one of the best traits. Being positive puts a person in command of his entire faculties.

Satisfied employees are more productive, work more diligently and enhance the organization’s brand value. Satisfied employees demonstrate commitment to service with every customer/client. Pessimistic employees, on the other hand, work to the advantage of your competition while on your payroll. They are usually depressed and transmit these emotions not only to fellow colleagues but also to the clients/ customers.

For example, there was a team member, who was not being promoted or recognized. He worked in the same position for almost ten years; he had reconciled to himself that he was not going to grow and that he was being tolerated. Then his boss started giving him responsibilities and reinforced his trust in him. The more he delivered, the more he got. The boss changed the trust quotient, and consequently the attitude of the team member also changed. The team member now heads the Admin team in another organization.

Not everyone is lucky to have a good manager. But remember it’s your positive attitude that will eventually help you chug along, while keeping up your momentum.

Attitudes display organization which means that they have internal consistency. The structure of human attitudes may be viewed as a Toy set erected in a type of circular pattern. At the center of this toy is the individual’s important values and self-concept. Attitudes close to the hub of this system are said to have a high degree of central point

Attitudes tend to be generalizable. That is, a person’s attitude toward a specific object tends to generalize toward a class of objects. Thus, a consumer who purchases a Honda car which develops mechanical trouble may believe that all Honda cars and possibly all Japanese made products are poorly constructed. Consumers tend to generalize in such a manner in order to simplify their decision making.

Attitudes do not stand in isolation. That is, because they are related there must be some amount of fit between them, or conflict will result. A larger number of other attitudes exhibit a greater degree of consistency.

The length of time may not be infinite. Attitudes are learned, they tend to   become more resistant to change, the longer they are held. Thus, newly formed attitudes are easier to change and less stable than the older ones of equal strength.

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