Marketer and Buyer

A marketer can also be a manufacturer or merchandiser or importer who sells the finished products, renders after sales service or sells the services required by the industry or the consumer. A buyer can be an industry or a consumer. If the buyer is an industry then they buy from the marketer and use the same goods as input in their finished products. A consumer buys the goods through a retailer and directly consumes the goods.

Now, I will give the examples of an industry how they are going to use the products purchased from the marketer. Here the industry is the buyer. In the latest terminology it is called B2B. For example a crane manufacturer can buy the contactors from Larsen & Toubro or Siemens to fix it as a part into the Crane. Century Enka Limited the Polyester yarn manufacturer buys the raw materials namely PTA and MEG from Reliance Industries Limited.

A household consumer, say a housewife can buy her monthly requirement from Big Bazaar or Sahakari Bhandar. Here the consumer goods from various manufacturers is kept for sale. This type of business is called B2C.

Many marketers are not aware of the issues and just how unfavourable situations are perceived to be by some consumers. Business people usually cite the possible defensive positions regarding consumer protection issues: the number and seriousness of consumer problems suffered by the general   population is not significant  and only a small, vocal  minority of consumers complain about the  problems they experience with products and services which are resolved to the satisfaction of  the consumers.

Evidence indicates that consumers and business people are not on the same wave length with regard to their perception of consumer problems. A report comparing opinions of executives and consumers on various consumer issues indicates that a large number of consumers disagree with the executives on various issues.

Business must educate the public about the operation of the marketing system, the benefits of free enterprise. Business people also need to assess and modify their policies and practices in order to improve products and services offered to consumers.

Few corporations had coordinated programs of response to consumerism. Most industrial manufacturers believed that consumerism did not influence.

To illustrate among the conclusions drawn from various studies are that external search is greater when:

Prices are higher and price differences between brands are greater. Style and appearance are perceived to be quite important. It is suspected that substantial differences may exist between product alternatives. Consumers often adopt various strategies which reduce the amount of external search. For example, patterns of brand and store loyalty can develop through purchase experience over time.

Some evidence suggests that consumer differ in their ability to process information, and if their processing limits are reached, the effect may be to decrease the extent of external search. Higher levels of consumer involvement with a product appear to be associated with a greater degree   of external search.

Consumer market beliefs are important because they serve to simplify consumer decision making by directing search and evaluation activities.

Market potential and sales representative effectiveness are but two of the basic determinants of sales results in a territory. To measure sales representative performance, it is necessary to take into account some of the other factors which influence sales results. The factors are like market potential, Territory work load, Experience of sales rep, and Company effort.

The effectiveness of the marketer is indicated by industry sales in a territory, aggregate ratings by field sales manager, weighted average of market share of past four years, market share trend in the same period, and lastly Advertising expenditure in a territory.

Marketing, sales and customer care have always been essentials in any business or company. Sales are a part of the marketing and today, both these fields are becoming more customer oriented. Customers are considered as revenue generators and keep a company in business.

A customer’s confidence is boosted only through the service that is rendered by the company. Therefore customer service and sales are directly linked to each other.

The marketing and sales fields are perpetually changing so fast that the changes can’t be enlisted.

Working is not just about a qualification and acquiring a job. It’s a lot more than that. A mere MBA degree will not help the students. Marketing professionals must always try to upgrade their knowledge. Recruitment drives have increased manifold and companies have been recruiting on a large scale basis. India is now on the Global map for its out sourcing business. The belief is that there are many reasons for the change.

Event management is an area that is growing today. Event management graduates and post graduates can do well in cultural events, corporate events, and also as event consultants.

Marketing communication today has become very personalized with the advent of tele-marketing in the shape of call centres and BPOs. With cell phones and email, customers are easily approachable today. Since there is no scarcity of identical products the market service industries are coming up fast.