Suhel Seth speaks to CiteMan Network on leadership – Video

Suhel Seth, spoke to CiteMan Network at a TEDx event held in Mumbai recently. He shared his ideas on leadership and expressed how it is an innate quality prevalent in every human being. Hence, most people in general have the ability to lead irrespective of the situation in which they may be placed in.

He emphasized on how leadership should be inspirational and exciting but most importantly, it should be relevant. It should have a simple message, which then goes out to the heart of the matter. We need inspirational leaders who can bring about a long term change. They should not stay limited to the opportunities which are merely tactical in nature. During the speech, he urged young leaders to travel across the country to see the ‘real’ India beyond the perceived one.

Suhel Seth, is the founder of Eqqus and the Managing Partner of Counselage India, a strategic branding and marketing company. He has co-authored two books with R.K. Lakshman and Khushwant Singh. He is also the chairman National Marketing Committee of CII and FCCI. He has been writing extensively for leading national and international dailies. Suhel Seth has addressed Harvard Business school on the topic of ‘Building brands in India’.

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