CiteMan interviews Dr. Dorris Greenwood on NLP

Imagine a day when you walk into the office and everyone says what you wish to hear. It’s not that you are dreaming this, but it’s a reality. You have learnt a technology which helps you to understand everyone around you extremely well. You communicate the way they would understand and elicit the response that you need. Sounds magical, isn’t it ? Well it could be a reality if you learn that language and master it with practise.

As professionals, we study and train ourselves to be successful. Yet we end up communicating inaccurately with people around us. Often we make others feel what we have never said or even remotely intended to. This miscommunication often drains the productive time and we end up beating around the bush, ‘trying to set the message right’. It doesn’t matter which field we work for, we often wonder if we could learn how to communicate better and increase our emotional quotient.

Here we seek to learn more about the ‘Neuro Linguistic programming”. This is a method to understand the non verbal cues, during a communication. This study includes understanding the modalities and sub-modalities. It’s a systematic study to identify the neurological processes, the language and the behavioural patterns. The study includes rigorous internship that trains how to focus on the cues that trigger the response.

CiteMan interviewed Dr. Dorris Greenwood, a licensed international trainer for Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. She has been practicing since 1983. She is the Director of Alaska’s training and consulting business for International Conscious Solutions.

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Citeman:  What is NLP ? And how can it help professionals?

Dr. Greenwood:

Citeman : What guided you to NLP ?

Dr. Greenwood:

CiteMan: How can one implement NLP in a business environment where we find every individual on a different emotional plane? What are the challenges to implement NLP? How would you suggest overcoming them?

Dr. Greenwood:

Citeman: How would a learner continue to learn this study and practice it beyond the scope of a course or certification?

Dr. Greenwood:

Tell us what you would want to learn and how you would make use of this programming. If you have already learnt it, tell us what challenges you have faced while practicing it. In case you are a practitioner, share your experiences with us.

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  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Relationships have been torn apart by cutting words or, rather, the interpretation given to words. – Harry Adler
    This quote describes the importance of NLP in our life….
    Good work is really of great importance for all of us.

  • Thankyou so much Archna. You made my day !
    I second you on that . We never intend to hurt anyone . Yet we end up being mis-understood. As Dr. Greenwood said we often use NLP even without noticing it. Studying and practicing will help us master it ! Thus creating a win-win situation for all.

  • Thank you so much Archna. Nice post!

  • Thankyou, we appreciate your kind words !

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  • Yes I really do appreciate is a great read.

  • NLP represents the three areas that NLP recognizes as pregnancy to the very subjective experience: the mind, terminology styles, and the coding that arranges our views and ideas.