Innovative HR Practices

HR today has undergone a paradigm shift. Its primary role is that of ‘aspiration management’ rather than ‘people management’. HR needs to understand employees as ‘individual’ and then as ‘professionals’. ‘MyXtraMiles’, a program instituted by HCL Comnet is a 360– degree appreciation process. This program, based on a loyalty point system, gives ‘miledge’ to employees who receive appreciation from any of the following four sources: peers, subordinates, managers and customers. Cairn Energy has initiated the following.

The high performing technical staff gets sponsored for a full-time master’s program in the UK. There is a rigorous selection process where there is a review of past performance, a recommendation from the manager and a panel interview, after which the candidates is selected for an international Scholarship Program (ISP). Not only does the organization sponsor his/her fee and stay, but also continue to pay his/her salary.

High performers are identified in each band, so as to put them through a fast – track staggered leadership development program called ‘Startrek’.

There are no readymade solutions that one can pick off the shelf and implement. Companies have to move from focusing on the ‘organization of the businesses’ to focusing on the ‘business of the organization’ and from cost management to innovation. Satyam Computers has built in-planned job rotation as an effective instrument to enhance employee performance. The ‘Pat on the back’ program, an on-the-spot appreciation award for special achievement by an employee and the ‘Star academy awards’ for top performers are some of Satyam’s noteworthy events. This is how kanbay has made the shift from the old to the new:

ACE (Achieving Career Excellence) is a frame work that ensures employee engagement via regular feedback, competency-based promotions and transparency.

Kanbay’s compensation and benefits program is structured around ensuring that their employees build assets. The aim is to provide assistance to build assets towards which they provide the benefit of an interest subsidy.

For a discerning employee, there are more choices than ever before. And today’s employee is making these choices based on reasons, which are an optimum mix of rationality and emotions. If the management doesn’t trust you to look out for their best interests – they feel they have to do it themselves. Executive Director, HR–Xerox India Ltd points out a few incentives that have proved to be successful. ‘Hot desking is an activity that was introduced, where the usual dedicated spaces for individual employees were redesigned to permit groups to share facilities including desks. All employees at Xerox can choose their start and end time with the prior permission of their reporting manager. Enlisted here are some of the innovative HR practices:

1. ‘EDGE’ (Employee Development and Growth through Education) allow employees to continue with their education while still working with the organization.

2. Through ‘HR Express’, they encourage employees to discuss all employee issues freely.

The need of the hour for HR professionals is to understand the pulse of the employees.

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