Hiring the Perfect Fit

Now this one is for the big daddy and mummy of HR as the role they play in hiring/selection is what we are going to talk about, today the article is all about some wrong things we do while hiring and the solutions should come from all of you this time as I’m just presenting some case scenarios here and looking eagerly for answers from you all.

Oh! common, do not get that anxious, We are not planning to conduct any examination nor we will have a quiz program, but here is a question which has haunted me for quite a long time now. Though I tried to solve the problems we will talk about but still there is something which was amiss and I’m sure all you experienced people out there can resolve it for the benefit of the HR fraternity.

We started hiring for a Director Operations post and this vacancy arose in the middle of the year, after much discussion and argument as the Manpower planning for the entire year was done appropriately, but the demands and workload suddenly increased so we all thought of appointing a new Director Operations to handle some burden of  the VP operations.

The JD was ready, the sources determined, everything else was worked out as per the requirement and the Recruitment Manager was asked to resource good candidates. The HR department passed on 5 candidates in a months’ time to the VP operations and after the interview it was told that none of them fit the role. Nevertheless, some more candidates were sourced in next 3 months and refused by the VP as he was looking for someone who could fit the position perfectly and need not undergo any kind of training.

We sourced some of the best candidates from the Top BPOs yet all of them met the same fate – rejection.

So in order to get that perfect person the whole business of the department suffered tremendously. The clients’ complaints, attrition, new clients and projects, meetings, trainings, new products and then again the problem of the perfect person for the role of Director Operations.

After three months the Management started asking questions about the recruitment of this particular position and when we (the VP operations and Director HR) were summoned to the MDs office the whole buck was passed on to the HR department as if we were the ones sourcing the right or so called perfect candidate. Anyway, thankfully the MD wanted to see all the Curriculum Vitae of all the profiles selected by the HR department but not considered appropriate.

Luckily, the ball was in our court and the MD liked almost all the profiles barring one or two, so it was decided to call all these people for a final round of interview which would be taken by all of us together.

After numerous calls to each one of them, we could just line up 3 of them out of a total of 9 as some of them had already been placed in good organizations.

Now coming to the point, this is just one example I could quote here, but I have seen many more where we keep waiting for that perfect person to fill up the position and in the mean time we actually end up leaving our workforce grueling. Later, we realize that it was not worth all this as there is nothing called a perfect fit for a perfect job, which is why we always negotiate on some traits of people.

Have all of you gone through similar incidences in your work life, where you kept waiting for the Perfect Candidate and ended up loosing all the other good ones too?

So what should be our course of action to prevent such mishap (if only you consider them as a mishap)?

Do other departments do that often? Or it is HR department which creates a problem by not sourcing the right candidate that too on time?

What happens when time, money and good candidate all of it goes astray?

Think about it and do share your valuable insights on this, as I believe there is nothing called a perfect person/ candidate for any job. We have to let go of one or two things initially to get the best fit.

Keep pouring your ideas and views. Look forward to that.

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