Makes your own website

Step I: Web Design

The first thing to consider is what the website will look like and what features it will contain. The following points must be taken into consideration:

· Features List
· Layout and navigation.
· Keyword Analysis.
· Text.
· Artistic Preference.

Step II: Bandwidth and Web space Requirements Analysis

What will it take in terms of web hosting to accommodate the web design in Step I? Estimate the host disk space and monthly traffic requirements, and then move on.

Step III: Domain Name Registration

A decision has to be taken whether a website is required for the intended purpose. If yes, choose an effective domain name and complete the domain name registration

Step IV: Wed hosting

Choose a web hosting service that meets web site design requirements in step II like Common services are criteria driven searches, expert reviews, Q&A sections.

Step V: Wed Development

Build the web pages. The method depends upon decisions taken in step 2.

The method for making the web pages was chosen in step2.

If you have decided to either use a WYSIWYG editor like FrontPage 2000, or an HTML editor like 1stPage 2000. Learn how to use the web authoring software that you have selected and produce the web pages on your home computer.

Then upload the website to your host for which you will need to download and install an FTP program to accomplish this, unless your development software has one already built in.

Next validate the HTML, code and verify Browser compatibility.

Step 6: Web Site Promotion

Once the site is complete, get your website indexed. Look for suitable search engines and submission strategies. Proper keyword selection is an important factor.

Step 7: Web Site maintenance

Regularly check on ongoing website promotion, website performance, links testing and popularity testing.

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