Time management in office

It is said that if a manager says that he does not have time then he is considered to be an inefficient manager. Likewise the same logic applies to the staff as well. Times change, seasons change and so does responsibility with the passage of time, but one thing that remains constant is the number of hours that we have in our hands and that is 24 hours in a day. No matter how hard you try, but you cannot earn even a single extra minute. It is your responsibility to achieve your goals and task in those prescribed hours.

Issues of time management become very crucial in the professional sphere where each and every minute is crucial and all tasks are equally important, it leaves no choice for the employee to choose one task over the other.

We have noticed that some people are smart enough to manage their task on time; it is not the diligence that decides the success of your time management, but the planning and smart management that helps a person in achieving their goals on time without getting lost in the world of priority and tasks.

You must have seen in your office as well as in your day-to-day life some people are more competent in managing time and live an easy and happy life. Spending long hours in office does not imply that you are a good employee. The capability of employee is measured by his efficiency and how regularly he meets his deadline and how well he can complete his task. Just follow the simple rules in your personal and professional life and make your professional life easy. Spending long hours in office could cause a problem in your personal life as well. Manage your time smartly.

Set your priority: one of the best ways to utilize your time in office is to set your priority, start from most important and big task and then move gradually towards small tasks. It will keep you organized, meanwhile keep completing tasks that require less than five minutes. By the end of the day you will be able to finish your entire task, without missing the important one or messing the task you have to complete.

Create your to-do list and stick to it; theoretically we all know that writing a to-do list is a good practice, but we often neglect it in real life.  Start creating your To-Do list regularly and note down your daily task. It will help you in managing your time and you can complete your task in the allotted time.

Organize your desk, though it sounds absurd or funny but it really works. Pile of papers and files scattered will never help you in concentrating; it will only create difficulty in your day-to-day activities. Another benefit of organized cubical is you can easily find important numbers, documents and files easily without wasting your time searching for them.

Learn to delegate responsibility, share your responsibility with your colleagues and juniors.  Do not try to do everything yourself, assign tasks to others as well. It will help you in completing the task on time without cutting the time from other tasks.

Set your time for mails and calls: mails are an important part of the corporate world, but make sure you do not spend most of your time in replying and sending mails, allot some time for mail checking and replying. It will save your time and will allow you to concentrate more on your task.

Make your schedule easy with the latest technology, but be careful in incorporating latest gadgets sometimes they may hinder your work progress unnecessarily. Use technology to lighten your work burden not to complicate things.

Do one task at a time, handling a number of jobs simultaneously sounds lucrative, but handling more than one task at a time is risky, even a slightest mistake from your part could increase your trouble. Follow a safer path. Complete your task one by one.

The success of an employee is measured by his efficiency in completing the task within prescribed deadlines, spending late nights in office doesn’t earn you the title of a dedicated employee, but it puts you in a suspicious position. Your manager or boss may find you incompetent and unable to manage the task in given time. Enhance your efficiency with time management tips, meet your deadline successfully and set examples for others. It will not only help you in enjoying your job but will also increase your productivity and sincerity towards your job.

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