Presenting an effective resume

A resume is not just a listing of everything about job seeker; it is a window to the intended job seeker’s wares. There are formats to follow, some order to maintain — ways in which the candidate can bring out a best presented resume in a best possible manner. There are four basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings. Depending on one’s personal job history and the position he is applying, the job seeker can choose between chronological, functional, combination, or a targeted resume. Here’s a brief introduction to these most basic resume types.


A chronological resume lists work history with the most recent position listed first. Employers prefer this type of resume because it is easy to see what jobs the candidate has held and when he has worked at them. If a job seeker has a strong history, this type will work well.


The focus here is on skills and experience and not on chronological work history. This format is preferable, if the job seeker is changing career or has gaps in employment history.


In this type skills and experience will be listed first. Employment history will come next. Here, one can highlight the skills that are relevant to the job he is applying for, and also provide the chronological work history.


This is a customized resume in which you specifically highlights the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Painstaking as it may seem, use this style when applying for jobs that are a perfect match for your qualifications and experience.


This type of format is the same as any of the above, albeit with a much simpler appearance. All material is typed flush left with adequate spacing between paragraphs. No symbols, bullets, underlining, bold lettering or graphics are included.


Resumes are also classified on the basis of levels, meaning the resume you will be using for applying to a post say of a business head, CEO, CFO will be known as executive resume. All other resumes for positions below are called professional / career resumes. Executive resumes are different in terms of both, the content and presentation. Content emphasis is more on business environment, deal made, vision and so on. Presentation need not be in points and bold and highlighted letters. The style is more narrative.

Choosing what’s best for you is knowing which type of resume puts a job seeker in the best light and will help in getting short– listed for the intended job.

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