Efforts, Search, Read, Learn

Seeking help without efforts won’t give you solutions for long, sometime or the other the efforts have to come from you to reach for the moon or you will stumble on the path and keep holding someone’s hand.

Warning: This article may sound a little harsh, but the idea is only to show a comprehensible path as I would not want someone to stagger and look for a hand whenever a cord strikes- Problem. Copying and plagiarism can land you in a problem as it once happened with one of the Vice Chancellor of a prominent University; he lost all his medals and doctorate after 40 years of service as an academician. So if it can happen to such a personality why not to you and me.

Holding hands, spoon feeding are things of the past, whenever you are in professional situations..effort and hard work is what takes you to the top, struggle and on the way to the destination you will have adequate learning to keep you at that top position.  There are many queries that are posed everyday on the forum, which include some very basic questions, the answers to which are available in the forum itself and it would not take much effort to just follow the instructions, that is all that we are required to do.

No dear..it would not take anytime to help you all out for even a small query, someone will surely answer, not only here in this site, but every where else, but the idea is- Why not try it yourself and make some efforts towards solving your own problem, why not do something that will make you even more knowledgeable and professional?

For example: What is MIS? I need the format asap by evening! This is something which is not answerable.

Here is what I believe can help, only if you look forward to a long term solution to all your problems:

As this famous quotes indicates

“For me, books have been a life-long resource–to learning, laughter, solace, excitement, inspiration. At your library, the world awaits you, free for the asking.”

—Lady Bird Johnson

Inculcate Reading habits: Being dependent on gadgets and the internet actually keeps us away from reading books and magazines. The bridge between reading and application is widening. When we start working in any company, the reading habit actually takes a back seat and we don’t realize that this is actually the time when reading can really help us out in many ways, be it a practical problem you are facing at the workplace or you if are stressed, books can be your best friend.

“The greatest gift is the passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination.”

—Elizabeth Hardwick

Research: Libraries, online libraries, search engines to be used extensively but only to gather information and data. Plagiarism should be avoided as it might help you for a short while but they have no long term benefit. Reading will not only increase your knowledge base but you will also have enough material to go through and help others. Just make sure whatever material you are getting through DO NOT use it without applying your mind. Make sure the material/information is suitable as per your organizational needs and not just a work of COPY and PASTE.

Once, I was called to conduct Viva Voce for an internship project done by MBA students, during the process I got hold of 3-4 similar projects, the only difference was the name of the company where the project was undertaken. Ironically none of them copied they BOUGHT the project reports from a local stationer and just changed the name of the company.

And what happened later on, their marks got stuck and they could not clear the university examinations and had to reappear for their exams.

Hence, such practices need to be abolished as it brings shame.

“The principle goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done” Jean Piaget

Value Your Education: what your teachers taught you was not just about grasping or cramming, it was also about knowing how to develop and use your own critical and analytical abilities to process any information or answer. In a way you could say that learning is about learning to become a thinking, creative person yourself. An educated person is truly educated if (S) he applies knowledge and thinks out of the box solutions for the same problem. The basic difference lies in the efforts one puts in.

Give credit: If you still want to copy some material you really like, take permission to reprint or re use it, or give credit to the original source and provide link, that will help you as well as it will save you from unnecessary problems.

So let me end this write up by quoting Socrates:

“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”
— Socrates

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