Being responsible for different tasks simultaneously

When you reach a certain position in an organization you may have to take up the responsibility of multiple tasks and it can go up to 5 or 6 tasks. This   particularly is applicable in the case of an HR Manager who also has to take responsibility of administration, transport, estate maintenance etc., in addition to regular Human Resource functions.  This is called multi-tasking.

The first thing that comes to mind is to delegate the functions to different executives in the department but even then the HR manager is overall responsible for all the different tasks assigned to him.

Before you start your work for the day, take 10 minutes to set your goals Decide what all needs to be done in the next few hours. Then prioritize your tasks, the larger project being on the top of the list. If you often tend to forget things easily, it is a good idea to use stick slips and stick them right in front of you in your workplace.  They can help as reminders.

Tackle the most important project ASAP. Working step by step will help getting work out of your way slowly by delegating. Also, make sure you clean your desk of clutter, as it can prove to be a big distraction. A neat work table and clean working surroundings make the tasks much easier.

If you do not want to start with the big project, choose tasks according to concentration required. Concentrate on one task at a time. If you think that your concentration level is high in the mornings, tackle the most important job then. If you have to work when half of the crowd has left for home, work then. What is important is to give complete focus to the job at hand. Try to stay away from distractions such as chatting with colleagues surfing on the net, checking e-mails every two minutes etc. Complete assigning the tasks to your team mates if you are in that position and take up the project which you want to undertake yourself.

Multitasking – In fact many get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do in a day and believe that they can’t do justice to even one task, while others find it easy completing through the multiple tasks with unruffled feathers.

As you wait for more information to put together your top priority job, take care of smaller tasks then. A call you need to make, writing an e-mail to the client, checking few things with a colleague from the other department etc. This way you will get other jobs started and won’t have lost precious minutes.

As you rush to bring your multiple jobs to completion, take breaks to further your cause. Lunch with clients and coffee breaks with colleagues will ensure you get your work done while you get a much needed break.

When you are successful with your multi tasking or with leading a team you feel a good amount of job satisfaction but at the same time you expect some rewards in the form of increase in salary or a more recognizable position. Positions like a promotion from Senior manager to General Manager and so on.

More important than your salary or your position is your work profile. One of the prime reasons for people quitting on their jobs is not money but lack of job satisfaction. Salary is definitely an important part but at the same time the decision making factor should be whether you like the job profile or not, does it excite you to wake up every morning and spend the best part of your life at work.

Well, of course position is also important. After all, its position that brings power and responsibility. Position can be earned if you do your job well, and one does his/her job with finesse and excellence when one enjoys what s/he does. So coming back to square one, your job position being important you need to see if your job profile and professional expectations tug at your heart and call you to become bigger and better than you are.

If it’s a new job and you have the opportunity to make the right decisions, we suggest that while at the interview also request a tour of the office. Get a feel of the place because this is where you will spend most of your time. Also talk to some employees there on how they find the work culture and then take a call.

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