Interview OK but Not Selected

There may be some reasons for not getting selected.

The reasons could be:

*Poor communications skills,
*Lack of adequate knowledge required for the position in that company,
*Changing jobs too frequently,
*Criticising previous employers,
*Not able to produce genuine documents as required by the HE Department of the present company conducting the interview

The main reason can be ‘not suitable’ or ‘insufficient experience’ and if this is noticed during the CV scrutiny stage then the candidates may not be sent an interview call.

For a professional facing an interview rejection is tough as he/she usually expects a positive outcome from an interview.
Interview rejection is often a hard fact of life. Most of us have faced it at some point of time in our lives. Facing it is an ordeal as we are usually hopeful after an interview and then the dreaded NO disappoints us. But this is not entirely a lost cause. If everything is fine and not falling under the above mentioned category then there can be a problem at the employer’s end. Therefore interview rejection can in fact be a good inspiration for you to succeed in life and get a better job than the rejected ones.

Facing rejection often helps you to rework on your interview skills and make improvements as a professional. The candidate must know and be convinced that he / she is not the only applicant particularly if it is the preliminary round. This will help the candidate to be less worried about the outcome of an interview.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when the hour comes. Never doubt yourself.

Taking rejection in one’s stride is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, this is the single most distinguishing factor between the go-getters and the losers. To get disheartened after rejection is indeed natural. But what is important is to move on. The essential technique is never to doubt yourself. Re-evaluate your strengths and weakness and take failure as a stepping stone towards future success. Always remember that your skills are your assets and a rejection from an employer cannot dismiss them.

Recognize your weakness from the performance during the interview. You need to confront the rejection and own it. Once you recognize your weaknesses and shortcomings you will then be able to positively address any gaps or weak points in your knowledge experience, skills and techniques.

Although it is easier said than done, you need to deal with rejection and move on as quickly as possible. Give yourself a day. Once you’ve calmed down and regained your confidence, it is then time to look back and improve.

Always take the opportunity to gather feedback and gauge whether there are areas that you can improve upon. Learn from the mistakes, correct them and look forward. If you know you were nervous and may not have answered questions, well, then you know you can work on it in the future.

Accept that it may not have been anything personal. You may not have as much experience as another candidate or you may not have the requisite qualifications. On the other hand you could also have been too highly qualified and the interviewer felt   that you wouldn’t have stayed in the job for too long. Remember, failure is a necessary step on the path to success.

Take rejections as an opportunity. Always remember the job you missed is not the last job on Earth. With so many fields and job profiles making themselves available every year, job opportunities are waiting in the wings. You just need to be on the lookout for newer ways or jobs in life.

Find a creative way of releasing your frustration. Go to the gym or engage in a hobby like painting or dancing to dissolve the frustration of a rejection. Not only will you feel better you might also come up with newer ideas of self-expression.

Move on with optimism and do not brood and get stuck with the rejection, discuss it with family, friends or whoever you are comfortable with. Vent   out your feelings. Look ahead with a positive attitude and be self-confident. Do not leave rejection just like that, it’s a part of  job search. Keep looking out for new opportunities and never give up. If you feel depressed for a long time, then take professional help. Successful job hunters use rejection as a tool to push themselves further and drive themselves towards success, so look ahead with optimism. In the next interview use the experience of the previous job rejection, perform well and avoid disappointment.

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  • Anonymous

    When people have worked for some time/few years, they would have been selected by their previous employer(s) for certain skills that have matched their requirement
    Hence, it is invalid to theorize in general that the candidate lacks certain skill sets to get selected
    Of course there might be umpteen excuses/reasons for not selecting particular candidature.
    For employers:
    Since most of the interview process happens through internal referral systems or through consultancies, you can list out the exact requirement to them so that it saves the time of both the interviewer & the interviewee
    For instance, if your organization strongly goes for document proofs about previous experience, which considers a freelancer turned candidate looking for full time opportunity, let it be clearly communicated ahead that freelance experience is neither counted as work experience nor it requires document proofs as per your requirement
    For the candidates:
    Don’t get disheartened or yield to ideas to frame fake certificate/experience
    There are always people like your previous employers who would select you for your existing talent/expertise. Your primary concern is to identify suitable employers who suit your requirement.
    Also, it is always wise to be an expert of your profile but ensure that your candidature does not bear the risk of being categorized as over qualified
    Both the candidate & the employers don’t have to believe in the words of a third party viz consultants/referrer for 100% .

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    Excellent this is very useful for all.

  • Shailu

    Really v useful points quoted here as reasons for rejection, though I am sure there are plenty of “HR” reasons for rejecting a candidate. I am exactly in the situation waiting relentlessly, at the same time being optimistic about my interview in one of the best IT companies in the world.

    As someone “Anonymous” rightly quoted here, “freelancing does not count as job experience” would be the sole reason for any rejection for me. And I fail to understand, when an assignment is given to the candidate which is exactly as per real time JD and it is completed and surpassed the interviewer’s expectations (I came to to know about this as per HR) and the waiting looks seamless. Moreover the list of qualifications required match more than 100%. Now I started believing that my expectations are in vain, and I am looking for what are the other best reasons could be for my rejection apart from being a freelancer.

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    Thank You so much sir as this article is not only in the sense for a job rejection but taking things positively have been quoted very nicely here and its really helpful……..thank u so much

  • You must learn something of value from every rejection. Not being selected is a fact of life. Many people, few jobs. Try to do a candid self-assessment after every interview. Wait a week or two and call the interviewer, thank them again for their time and consideration and ask for candid feedback about how the interviewer’s assessment. You may find areas to work on and you may find that someone else was just more qualified. It’s not how you get knocked down that counts, it’s how you get back up!

  • Anonymous

    Probably its time to choose between the two options-(1)to compromise with your expected salary if you intend to be a full time employee(2)Give an idea that you don’t mind them rejecting your experience as a freelancer without giving a feel that you are desperate about the job
    The expected question on why do you look for a full time opportunity when you have good scope,flexibility & payment in freelancing has to be convincingly handled
    Even the waiting process needs to have an end -no one can afford to wait endlessly having ‘hope’.
    Freelancers need to plan on what could be done if the attempt of being an full time employee fails after planned period of time
    The opportunity also depends on the skill sets or the domain expertise practiced.
    Do share on how you have overcome this and have succeeded in landing in the right job in right place.
    Good Luck

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    mentor and elder person always require for help in getting a job to guide in right direction by checking weak points. what you may say ‘GURU’. Good points has been noted.lesson learn on every step you take.

  • Really it is a kind of driving towards positive attitude. I forwarded it to my
    son who was interviewed recently for the first time and awaiting result. I sent this link to him because he should not get upset if he is not selected. Being the
    first interview and that too in abroad, he may not have persons to console him.
    So thanks for posting the material in right time to me…………

  • S.Krishnamurthy

    A very good article nicely presented in an encouraging manner. It boosts the morale of the victim who is rejected. It will go a long way in making people think in a proactive way and will lead to major changes as the victim will work hard and try to improve himself through Self Introspection. This will improve the overall group of persons who are likely to be considered for any firm or company or Organization. I like it …..

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    Hey folks,

    Its been a miracle for any MNC to accept freelance exp. and take me into their world class centre.

    Yah… I am through after tough round of interviews followed by assignments. Therefore I accept that I was wrong and MNCs are right when they find a candidate good enough, they sideline their standards wrt to continuous exp as a mandate. I am v grateful and look forward to putting my best efforts to prove that their confidence does not go in vain.

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    very nice. it is really inspiring!!

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    this article helps alot. thnx.