Survival Strategies – Sink or Swim ?

We have our survival strategies to face when the going gets tough. A calm mind is what you achieve during the early morning yoga session or at a holiday. How do you extend this experience and keep a watch on your actions as the day gets hectic? There are zillion reasons that barely allow you to catch a breath, rather makes you race against time with strict deadlines and increasing competition. How do you hold yourself and sail through such times?
Success comes to you when you learn to master them.  We know how you rush from your Monday mornings with weekly review meetings followed by a team hurdle to make the entire team realize their errors, just to jump into a conference call with the Asia Pacific level team to battle out the specification for errors.  Let’s take each area and see how they formulate your agility.

Cutting Corners

  • Discover the driving forces: the meeting with the high priority on your calendar sets your heart pacing up. The minutes of the meeting races you through the tasks you had to complete and gives you the updates. What is your driving force in this activity? Are you driven by the fact that you need to have answers, before your next meeting? Alternatively, you feel strengthened that you have the view of the resolution, and you know how it is in action right now? The fact that it drives you builds your intelligence over a period of time. The former one discussed here is out of fear, whereas the latter stems from strength.
  • Incremental maturity with the marginal increase of hostility: You are back from the head quarters with a ‘make or break’ address for your team. There are several burning issues for you to deal with such as the differences between the managers, the increasing defects in the process matched perfectly with attrition post appraisal season. It boils down to the fact that you do it before you go! What would be your best message to your team? Sharing every incident as it is and implements a plan of action with metrics? Alternatively, you decide to drill every problem, map them to a different area and allocate responsibilities with complete ownership. This allows your team to avoid being overwhelmed and handle each slice effectively. Let’s remember, the shrinking pool of expertise limits hands at work. How would you allocate responsibilities in this situation? Few of your old leaders who know how to handle have their hands full. Learning it, while delivering in the office and making mistakes on the go will bring in duplication of tasks. Consequently, would run you out of your time. So you call for action on war footing and close the tasks by the deadline. Do remember, that once you have handled this, you cannot pace down the activities. There are many more such challenges waiting ahead for you. You choose to build your capabilities, as you mature while dealing with them.
Survival Strategies
Few days back, I wrote about introspection, in How good are we. and here are some thoughts as shared by our reader Umesh.G. Chavan.
I share some thoughts, which have helped me tremendously throughout the tough times.
  1. Your subconscious controls all the vital processes of your body and knows the answer to every problem.
  2. Before going off to sleep, turn over a specific request to the subconscious mind and believe the miracle is working out, adding power to you.
  3. Whatever you impress on your subconscious is expressed on the screen of space as conditions experiences, and events. Therefore, carefully watch ideas and thoughts entertained in your mind.
  4. Your thought is an action, and the reaction is an automatic response of your subconscious mind to your thought. Watch your thoughts!
  5. All frustration is due to the unfulfilled desires. If you dwell on the obstacles, delays, and difficulties your subconscious mind will respond accordingly and you are blocking your own good.
  6. The life principle will flow through you rhythmically and harmoniously if you consciously affirm: “I believe that the subconscious power which gave me this desire is now fulfilling it through me”. This dissolves all conflicts.
  7. You can interfere with normal rhythm of your heart, lungs, & other organs by worry anxiety & fear. Feed your subconscious with thoughts of harmony, health, & peace, & all the functions of your body will become normal again.
  8. Keep your conscious mind busy with expectations of the best, & your subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking.
  9. Imagine a happy ending or solution to your problem, feel the thrill of accomplishment & what you imagine & feel will be accepted by your subconscious mind & bring it to pass.
I have realized tough times don’t last tough people do.

In addition to what he had shared, these are some random thoughts that have worked for me.
  • No matter how difficult it may seem. The stress is cyclic. Just as it crests, it will subside.
  • I acknowledge all my human feelings, including fear, insecurity, anger, hatred. Once I acknowledge them and let them be for a while, it subsides on its own. This strengthens me to look beyond them and find the wisdom in it.
  • When a task is allocated to me, and it looks unachievable, I say it to myself that, it has already been delivered by someone on this earth. It’s just a matter of knowhow, figuring out what will work and get my hands on it.
  • No matter how big an escalation is, there is always a solution.
  • I don’t know, what I don’t want until, and, unless I lose it. The moment it is taken away from me, strangely, it brings in a unique happiness. This joy announces how much I never wanted it!
  • Certain things that I am dying to achieve at this moment, no sooner would cease to be, of any importance to me. If I am supposed to negotiate for it, all I need to understand is how long would I need it, and if I am ready to hold myself for it until that time.
  • Jumping the gun is the easiest but not the safest option for me. I prefer to keep a neutral point of view, until I fully develop an understanding. It is far better than being proven vehemently wrong and winning few enemies.
  • There are situations, where I can offer no solution, to someone who is asking me for it. I choose to listen intently and pass the message. There is someone who would know how to solve it. It’s just a matter of connecting the two.
Tell us what are your strategies?  We would want to know, how have they been working for you? How does hostility and tough time contribute to your agility?
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  • Harshuk

    A very good and encouraging article for every stream of life ….

  • Thank you Harshuk! Please share the thoughts and practices that helps you survive the tough times. Thanking you in anticipation.

  • Shaikh Hrd

    As per my eperience time and situation has taught me how to handle.

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    At the very onset I thank you for including the methods in the article. I would say if we can deal with pair of opposites with equanimity we are always on top of the siatuations. I share a example where I spoke the truth by presenting a Fish diagram. Result the management was after my blood. Finally after a period of two years when they could find any fault in my actions they asked me to step down. I agreed without any hesitation or grief or fight, because I knew from the time that I presented the Fish diagram showing the causes for the organisations woes would result me getting targeted still I chose to speak the truth. I believed that as consultant it was my job to point the faults for action. The path was a steep gradient where I turned around the fortunes of the company by addressing the causes but instead of a raise I was asked to step down. The Gitas verse was truly practised by me in this case. Do your action without expecting the fruits of the labour with detachment.Be in it but be out of it. I can say only one thing I worked consentiously sincerely & honestly for this organisation.

  • Babatunde Bello

    Great insight! Great inspiration!!

  • Babatunde Bello

    Everybody is a winner. Your former clients did not appreciate that. What I always share in circumstances like this to say continue to give your best, if people you are working for/with now do not appreciate, they will later. And if people don’t appreciate here and now some, others somewhere else will. But never stop being the best you can be. One insight however is that in order to ram the truth down the throat of people, you sometimes need to lubricate or coat the bitter pills. It takes team skill and people skills to so relate with people. We all must continue to improve in that aspect.

  • I second your thoughts. When we are in situations where we are not valued, all we can do is to hold ourselves and put our best foot forward. At the end of the day, it’s not about who thinks what about us, but what we make out of ourselves.

  • You made my day. All I can say is, I salute you for the way you have evolved. We are proud of your achievements

  • Thank you , I appreciate your kind words . Please do share your survival strategies and allow us to learn from them.

  • I agree. Time is the best healer and teacher. It enables us to deliver and help us evolve, specially when we are eager to learn. Please share your survival strategies and how it helped you become a better human being.

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    I thank you for your compliments.
    I have always believed & practiced the principle of right action. This consultancy was a very good learning experience for me. My core values were truly tested as a alchemist who purifies gold from ore.
    The fruits of the labour I put at this project were rewarded. I got a bigger project the next day. I was myself surprised at this. I very strongly believe that the infinite intelligence leads & guides me in all my ways. The infinite intelligence which gave this desire leads, guides, & reveals to me the perfect plan for fulfilling of my desire.
    I continued from the next day.

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    I sugar coated the truth, I had a very good team who worked with me & supported me . We turned around the loss making organisation. If I did not have the team I would not have been able to acheive this task. I had all the support from the team members. The first task is accepting the problems, the second resolving them, the third moving on to the other goals.

  • Akshatha Ks

    Excellent theory of handling the stress management in a healthier way!!!

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    Everything in existence is balanced by its polar opposite. Heat is balanced by cold, light by darkness, and positive by negative. In humankind, duality is found in the opposites of male and female, joy and sorrow, love and hatred. Wherever one quality exists, its complementary opposite will also be found.
    Feeling is as intrinsic to awareness as heat is to fire
    Meditation & prayers help in focussing the mind & get over the pair of opposites.
    One gradually attains tranquility of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in the self by means of a well-trained intellect, & thiniking of nothing else. Gita 6:25

  • Sirnags

    hi survival guys,
    the article was simple and strategies are worth reading, provide real life situation with the effectiveness of strategies in future articles
    Nagarajan – consultant educator

  • Thankyou Nagrajan for appreciating my work. Please do share your survival strategies. We look forward to learn from your words .

  • inderjeet kaur

    What should be the strategy to win over a situation when your bosses favour a misbehaving subordinate?

  • Rjoshiprince

    Thanks Nabomita but, i would like to ask one question that when you continiously face the same problem of not being valued then what to do you can get an inner motivation till some time but what after that what should be done after that
    Kindly help me out on the same

  • Milind

    Hey this is a Fantastic Article…..

    A MUST read….

  • Thank you Milind ! Appreciate your kind words . Please do share your survival strategies and allow all of us to learn from it.

  • Thank you Akshatha , appreciate your kind words !