Smaller the better

Small is good. Small is smart. And small is powerful. In fact the things that are small in size seem to be ruling the world now, at least the world of technology. Think about it the computer revolution began with the development of the microchip, tiny micro processor without which we wouldn’t have any of the hand held or portable devices today.

Despite ‘nano’ being only one billionth of a meter in length, the technology is finding its way into myriad applications. For instance, Nano-Tex pants that feel like cotton but don’t wrinkle, or a razor, coated with diamond- like nano-materials, which will never corrode or socks that feel like cotton, but are infused with anti-microbial silver particles.

French fabric house Avelana and Roudiere has created a ‘thermo-regulator’ fabric line, which absorbs ambient thermal changes and offers a garment which keeps its wearer at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather.

Motorola is working on phones that can download a full high-definition movie. The phone will include a micro-projector that can show the movie on any flat surface. Samsung has already entered the Indian market with a range of products using nanotechnology such as refrigerators, washing machines and air-coolers

A mobile phone three years from now will become a portable doctor and omnipotent medical device enabling you to check your health condition anywhere. For instance, health check-up devices that are incorporated into cell phones can gauge the handset owner’s blood pressure or diabetes count and transmit the data to their physicians wirelessly for a quick diagnosis.

A micro-sensor created by University of Alberta engineers may soon make a huge difference in the lives of people recovering from hip replacement surgery. The micro-sensor monitors the bone healing process after surgery. It reduces post-operations recovery time and the wait time for patients needing artificial joints implants.

And now, nanotechnology, the science of building devices out of individual atoms or molecules, is used by the IT industry to improve PCs and other electronic devices and it can give materials astounding new properties. Various applications of the same that are going to be used in future as routine are already highlighted in this article above.

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