Catch A Rainbow – The ICC World Cup Euphoria

The ICC Cricket World Cup fervor has culminated to a point where every cricket fan is bouncing high on this zest.  This has been further enabled, by the over-flooding of information through all types of media from print, to the continuous burble on radio and associated images in every pop-up on the internet, with the aim to hijack the viewer’s and listener’s attention. Along with this, the friendly banter about how the team played and who opines what, adds to this euphoric milieu.
As leaders and HRs, we acknowledge and accept this phenomenon. Most of us are die-hard cricket fans. Hence we bond, as a part and parcel in this euphoria. Nonetheless, our responsibilities would require swimming against this stream.

Here’s a discussion in CiteHR, where the HR of an organization shared the concern towards this phenomena and requested measures to moderate it without affecting the morale. There were different views shared How to counter World Cup Cricket Fever in Office and maintain productivity. Our members have contributed with what could be implemented at their workplaces. These were pre-emptive measures that were discussed at the beginning of the tournament. Now the situation has evolved. The victory at the semi-final is sure to make the energy levels shoot through the roof. Let us review the entire situation and put our best foot forward till the celebration lasts.

Human emotions are designed to match cycles. Ideally, these cycles are attuned to individual’s triggers and motivation. Even so, at a situation like this, there is a greater synchronicity playing at the highest level.  As shared by Ronald De Sousa in his paper, Emotions, published for Stanford Department of Philosophy, “Emotions are reputed to be antagonists of rationality. However, they play an indispensable role in determining the quality of life. They contribute crucially to define our ends and priorities. Hence, they regulate our social life.”

Moot point
You require your employees to stay focused at work and remain productive. Here is some trivia from NDTV , that explains the economics of this game:
The World Cup 2011 is being watched by 162 million viewers, 81%  are cable and satellite viewers. The estimated sponsorship stands to 1200 crores. Air sponsor is 750 crore. ESPN is likely to charge 24 lacs /sec for 5% inventory, if India reaches the finals.
The point in sharing this trivia is, that when an opportunity becomes such a stimulus to the economy of sports, it  should also bring similar results to your company, if focused appropriately.

Achilles’ heel
The leniency that you adopt to foster an environment of co-opts, can risk being stretched too far. Identify the scope for the outages in productivity. Absenteeism is visible. Seek the invisible constituents. The sleeplessness, lack of focus, and constant urge to banter would be common. This can be acknowledged through an environment which allows the employees to voice followed by focusing their energies in the right direction. An initiative, such as a call for a competition for the best analysis of yesterday’s match in one sentence, would generate better results, than an iron hand rule to monitor the extended water cooler moments. In case your intranet offers a robust online social platform, similar to Facebook or Twitter, ensure your leader’s participation. This would oblige sharing in moderation.

Building Bonhomie
As Gautam Ghosh, had remarked, earlier yesterday, that, “Human emotions require to be set apart, from increasing organizational productivity. However, this remains the integral DNA to build, the synergy in teams.” You may not be able to break silos through this event. Even though, this adherence would unfurl, few productive moments to lighten up. We know this kind of theme-based euphoria had been, is, and will continue to exist in the future. Managing it depends on how we decide to approach it. You can create an environment of  joie de vivre, which remains fresh as daisy in everyone’s mind. We take a leaf out of William Wordsworth’s poem.
My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!…

Tell us, how is the situation in your office? Especially, after yesterday’s historic match? How are you taking the helm through this jubilation, yet keeping your teams productive? Share live updates on, how is it going at your workplace?