Take initiative

Most of us wait for the right opportunity to get our dream job. We wait for a ‘Wanted’ ad to appear in the newspaper before even thinking of making that next jump in career. Even businessmen wait for information to get that ‘dream’ contract. This is a big mistake!

Even if our dream job or project is not available at present in the market, we can create the opportunity. Most successful and well known people with great fame are great believers in self effort rather than depending on fate or destiny to shape up situations. The ancient sages have propagated that one trusting in fate, being devoid of human endeavor, perishes because he does not start undertakings, or his undertakings have failed.

Obviously then, if opportunities don’t come knocking, we need to go and knock on the doors! Now how does one do that? Here are a few tips:

Before you go around banging on doors, do a little bit of introspection. Know your strengths. Focus on what you are good at. That is what one is naturally capable of doing. Create your dream work / project around what you can deliver better than others. Prepare your resume or business plan clearly highlighting your past experience and what makes you different from the others.

Now a good resume or a business plan is not enough in itself. We have to market ourselves. For this, it is important to know who the right people are and which companies would like to use your services. Mail your proposal. Call up and take appointments. Finally, go and have a word with them. A face-to-face meeting is an absolute must. Don’t wait for someone to call to call you. There are many companies that have vacancies and projects to be executed, but do not advertise.

Let’s be honest – there are no free lunches. Before you pitch yourself, think through how much money you want to make from this initiative. During the meetings, speak and work on the financials and economics involved. A win-win situation can happen
only when we are clear about our roles, goals and more importantly, the financials.

And please do remember that, when you finally land your dream job or project, it is not enough. In fact, it’s the beginning, because then comes the time to deliver what you promised.

Show your capability, not just by words but by result-oriented action too. And learn to work with others, for that’s the secret for succeeding in any project.