Case study of Lux

Lux toilet soap was introduced in 1925 as bathroom soap. The name Lux was chosen for its play on the word luxury. Lux has been marketed in several forms, including bar and flake and liquid (hand wash, shower gel and cream bath soap).   Lux soap was launched in India in 1929. It was branded in India as the beauty soap of film stars.

Lux has been a favourite with generations of users for the experience of sensuous luxurious bathing. Since its launch in India, Lux has offered a range of soaps in different colours and fragrances.

Lux is truly an international brand that believes in beauty and has always celebrated it. Beauty according to Lux is glamorous, sophisticated and luxurious. Lux believes in a woman taking pleasure in herself. Lux does not hold a mirror up to its consumers, it shows the way and it tells stories about the consumer realizing their most beautiful ideal self. It recognizes that wanting to look and feel beautiful is one of the most fundamental human motivations.

Lux believes that beauty should not be hidden. Lux knows better than any other brand about the beauty of a woman. It knows that when a woman feels beautiful she looks beautiful.

The personal wash is a highly penetrated market. Consumption lags even in South Asian countries like Indonesia. The market has been stagnant over the last four years and the low entry barriers have led to intense competition between national and local brands.

Lux is the largest personal wash brand in the country with a market share of 17%.  Three in every five Indian consumers use Lux during the course of the year. This strong association with the consumers has led to Lux becoming one of the most trusted brands in the country. No soap brand can claim to be more aspirational for the Indian consumer than Lux – the beauty soap of film stars. The last three years have seen Lux continue to grow far ahead of the market. A key initiative has been the launch of Mini Lux – strategically priced to bring it within the reach of 300 million rural consumers. The introduction of new perfume and in gradient variants addressing the new benefit segment has been the growth driver.

Lux has beauty offerings in two of the four market segments – popular and premium   — spanning the needs of varied consumers. Lux toilet soap in the popular segment has in the past four years offered its consumers a  variety of nourishing ingredients – rose extracts, almond oil, milk cream, fruit extracts and honey which are  known to harbour  the secrets of incredibly flawless skin.

At the upper end of the market  is the premium range which continues to offer specialized  skin care  to its consumers in the form of International Lux – a range of moisturizing deep cleaning, and sunscreen soaps.  Keeping in tune with the changing times it has launched Lux body wash which offers superior bathing pleasure.

After the overwhelming success of the Har Star Lucky Star, promotion to mark the completion, of 75 years in India, Lux brings to its consumers three unique offers – the Lux Celebration Range.

This range is a set of three exclusive variants – Aromatic Glow, Chocolate Seduction and Lux white Spa body wash containing  exotic ingredients never seen in the Indian market before.

Chocolate Seduction

Rich with cocoa cream and strawberry vitamins, this special offering from Lux nourishes the skin and leaves it looking very attractive.  The chocolate smell and colour is highly enticing and the name Chocolate Seduction builds on this attribute of the soap.

Aromatic Glow

Containing Lotus extracts and aromatic oils, this special offering from Lux has a beautiful fragrance and makes the skin glow. This range is being specially offered at the same price as other Lux variants.

Down the ages every leading film star has been a Lux Star. Right from its first Indian star Leela Chitnis,  Lux has featured the likes of Madhubala, Madhuri Dixit,  Karisma, Aishwarya and now Kareena, who have all endorsed the goodness of Lux. It is probably the only brand that has the endorsement of nearly 50 Indian film stars. Even Shah Rukh Khan has endorsed Lux saying “Aaj mein aapko batenwala hoon meri khubsuratein  ka raaz – Lux.”

Across India, the four new variants of lux, in a special 75th year commemorative celebration packs, are endorsed by dream girl Hema Malini, beautiful Juhi Chawla, stylish Kareena and sensuous Sridevi.  They all come together in the new Lux ad with the first Indian male star Shah Rukh Khan.

At this historic moment, stars are celebrating along with the consumers as they will get to be a part of the action with the Har Star Lucky Star promotional activity. This will probably go down in history as the only promotional activity where every consumer is a winner.

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