Advice of consultants

There are many consultants available in the market today. However, the organization panel comprising of senior professionals must be clear as to what kind of expertise is required. They should select a person who is experienced and has a thorough understanding and knowledge of the field in question. He should not only have a theoretical aptitude but also a practical know-how of the problems the company is facing or likely to encounter in future.

When a company takes a management consultant on board or as retainer for advice and suggestions, it should be with an open mind.

The consultant should be a person who not only gives advises, but also makes sure that the client is benefiting from the same. He should be able to explain the problem with simple examples.

A consultant may be required in most of the cases particularly for large organizations. Because, being an experienced person, he can look at the problem objectively and unemotionally and then offer a practical solution. This is where the role of a management consultant comes into play.

Having chosen the right consultant, it is important to sit down with him and explain what is required from him. The right question will give the right answers. His insights are very essential for building the action strategy for the problem. After through briefing he should be asked for a solution that can be implemented.

Therefore, before making any action plan, it is necessary for the company to take the advice of a consultant when the company’s senior executive of the field in question, do not have adequate clarity on the issue. Therefore he should ask the consultant concerning the matter with possible solutions he has in mind to select the approach to the problem. Sometimes the consultant may advise on the pros and cons of certain actions to the problem the company is facing. Then it depends upon the manager of the relevant area to take a proper action or implement the process in the best interests of the company.

After getting the necessary advice, many companies usually think that the work of a consultant is now over. Think through every possible angle. Having a consultant in an advisory capacity is just the beginning. He should be involved in the application aspect as well. Let him also be a part of the process to apply the ideas and get the desired results.

The consultant has to be a part of the team throughout the duration of the project. If and when the need arises he should be consulted again for completing the project and before starting another project.

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