Personnel records – information to be included


Preliminary Summary and Service

(i)Attention should be directed to :
New developments
Notable changes
Special projects
Unusual accomplishments

(ii)It should be designed to :
Catch interest
Encourage a detailed study
Enlist co-operation
Focus attention.


(i)Numbers : Beginning and/or end of a period:
By departments
Whether employees is temporary or permanent
By sex
Whether hourly rated or salaried.

(ii)Labor turnover, separation and accession:
By department and/or plant
By types of separation
By quits, lay-offs, discharges
By avoidable vs unavoidable
By reasons ( marriage, home duties, frequency, pregnancy, moving ,pension death)
Comparison with local , state or national turnover.
(iii)Unfulfilled requisitions:
By department
By job.

Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection

(i)Jobs analyzed or reviewed:
By department
By plant
(ii) Application for employment:
By skills
By Sex
By source
Employee interviews
Applicants tested
References checked.


By training programs
By new trainee programs
Number finishing by programs.
(ii)Turnover — separations of former trainees
Cost of training.

Promotion Transfers, Appraisals

(i)Promotions, by departments
(ii)Transfers, by departments
(iii)Numbers rated, by departments

Labor Relations

(i)New agreements—in negotiation/negotiated
(iii)Arbitrations—in process or concluded, by results
(iv)Grievances –settled in process.
By subject
By the stage at which settled.
By the nature of the settlement.

Medical, Health, Safety

(i)Deaths among employees
(iii)Physical examinations
(iv)Medical treatments
(v)Hospital calls on employees.
(vi)Illness—number of cases by department:
By kind of illness
By department
By time lost
By cause
Be severity and frequency rates
Workmen compensation, number of cases:
(vii)By department
By new and recurrent cases
By amount of benefit
By cost.

Other Employee Services

(i)Benefit plan, membership
(ii)Benefits offered:
By number of employees
By type death, disability maternity
By amount paid.
(iii)Personal loans, number and amount.
(iv)Credit union:
Applications approved or disapproved
Loans extended, number and amount.
(v)Life insurance
(vi)Pensions— normal retirements, optional retirements, disability retirements.
(vii)House organs—circulation costs
(viii)Suggestions— number received and disposed of ; awards for suggestions.
(ix)Cafeteria—- meals served, rupees sales, cost, subsidies
(x)Recreational activities —type , participation costs.

Wage and Salary Administration

(i)Rates reviewed and rates changed:
By number
By type—- merit increase, revaluation.
(ii)Job evaluation —by department or type of job.
(iii)Overtime—total hours, departments and numbers of employees affected, total cost.
Weekly average , by department: hourly rated or salary proportion in each age and salary class.
(v)Call-in and call-back pay
By department
By cost

Records and Reports

(i)Special reports released
(ii)Personnel actions recorded.


(i)Projects completed
(ii)Progress reports on continuing projects.
(iii)New projects planned or undertaken.

Staff Administration

(i)Staff assignments by name
(ii)Expenditure on staff activities
By controllable vs uncontrollable
By major activities.