Compassion is fun and profitable – Video

Chade-Meng Tan: Everyday compassion at Google

This is one of the TED talks which highlights how compassion can be the greatest motivator.

Compassion is also the happiest state of mind [measured with brain science] – in other words you are happiest when you are thinking compassionately about your fellow beings.

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  • K P Misra

    It is quite good and encouraging. I am going to practice compassion.


  • Samina

    Thanx 4 sharing such a nice video.I m telling about my experience. In my company there is lack of compassion culture. how do i tell my boss to adopt this culture at work place :)))

    Samina Hassan

  • I think there are two things to take away from this in context of how you can get your boss to adopt this practice.

    First, as Chade describes in the video, is to remember that people need to realize that compassion is a fun thing to do and it will make them feel happy.

    Second, going by “Inception” – the idea will spread if you can implant the idea deep within your boss through stories or elaborate action. Depends entirely on how open or closed your boss is and what relationship you share with him/her.

    Perhaps, forward the video through an anonymous account. :-)