Office Tools for employees

Office Tools help employees complete different tasks simultaneously and attain power and position.

There is hardly any time to do things manually in the busy office of today. There are office tools available that will help the employees to complete their work on time.

What are they?

The color coded notes help in reminding you of important events, appointments, meetings etc. It also contains an alarm and search notes option, and allows you to add pictures and stick it on your desk top. So, whatever you want to see will be right in front of you. This software is available online and can be downloaded.

Organizer: For giving reminders about certain events and to fix appointments for the employee. It can be accessed from any desktop. Even if one is away from office it can still be checked from anywhere and at any time. It is also linked to the worldwide time zones and is known to be a global organizer, which is available online and can be downloaded for free.

Desk cleaner: It acts as a cleaner for all the temporary and trash files on your computer system. It wipes off the files, which slow down your computer. Before erasing them, it exhibits all the files and allows you to select what you wish to delete. It just touches trash files and is a sure shot way of keeping the PC clean.

Twitter, is a cool way to connect as it can be used to relay news, business, blog posts and other announcements. It enables you to communicate to friends and colleagues online or through your mobile phone . It’s an instant communication system, which can keep you updated about the latest happenings in meetings and sessions via phone call or your computer. It allows use of only 140 characters while communicating. You just need to sign up and you can start using it.

If you attend a lot of conferences and networking events, you’re likely to end up with stacks of business cards that go into the drawer. Instead why don’t you input the information into the contact management system. A business card scanner will save you considerable time.

With the above gadgets at your disposal, your capacity of doing work increases manifold and you can execute all the different tasks successfully.

You must have come across many stories debating on the pros and cons of the term ‘multi-tasking’. In fact many get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do in a day and believe that they can’t do justice to even one task, while others find it a breeze and sail through the multiple tasks with unruffled feathers. Here are some guidelines to complete different tasks simultaneously and effectively.

Before you start your work for the day, take 10 minutes to set your goals. Decide what all needs to be done in the next few hours. Then prioritize your tasks, the bigger project being on the top of the list. It is a good idea to use stick slips and stick them right in front of you at your workstation.  They can act as reminders.

Working step by step will help getting work out of your way slowly. Also, make sure you clean your desk and do away with all the clutter, as it can prove to be a big distraction. Neat work table and clean working surroundings make the tasks much easier. Also empty the trash from your PC as mentioned above.

If you do not want to start with a big project, choose tasks according to the level of concentration required. Focus on one task at a time. If you think that your concentration level is high in the morning, tackle the most important job at that time. If you are better off working late, then do it the way it suits you . What is important is to give complete focus to the job at hand. Try to stay away from “time wasters” such as chatting with colleagues, surfing on the net, checking e-mails every two minutes etc.

As you wait for more information to put together your top priority job, take care of smaller tasks in the meanwhile. A call you need to make, writing an e-mail to a client, checking few things with a colleague from the other department etc. This way you will get other jobs started and won’t have lost precious minutes.

As you are closing in on the different jobs assigned to you, take breaks to further your cause. Lunch with clients and coffee with colleagues will ensure you get your work done while you get a much needed break.

When you are successfully able to lead a team, it gives you a good amount of job satisfaction but at the same time you expect some rewards in the form of increase in salary or a more recognizable position. Positions like promotion from Senior Manager to General Manager and so on.

More important than your salary or your position is your work profile. One of the main reasons for people quitting their jobs is not money but lack of job satisfaction. Salary is definitely an important part but at the same time the deciding factor would be whether or not you like your job profile. The job must be exciting enough to wake you up every morning and encourage you to spend the best part of your life at work.

A Position is important too because it brings power and responsibility. It can be earned if you do your job well. One does his/her job with finesse and excellence when one enjoys what s/he does. Your job position is an important factor and you need to see if your job profile and professional expectations call on to you to become bigger and better than you are.