Creating influence through WORK or CHARISMA

I was watching the Filmfare awards a few days back. I was quite surprised when, Shahrukh Khan, was awarded the Best Actor for his role in My Name is Khan. And then something struck me, I realized that since he has become so influential, people are just showering him with such awards and other talented actors such as Ajay Devgan who gave four super hits in the same  year was not given any appropriate accolade.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not going to give you reviews about movies but just consider a few examples from our film industry and compare it with any organization. Where on one hand you have a child-like influential personality (an employee) in comparison to another employee who may or may not be a star but does perform his roles, duties and responsibilities in the best possible way. Actually he may be a dark horse who might win the race someday but is not at all influential or is not the ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ of the organization.

Similar situations take place in organizations too, where we have people who do personal branding and present themselves everywhere as a Brand. On the other hand there are a set of people who simply work, are smart workers, but do not know how to sell their charisma or just lack the charm.

There are people who influence even the senior management, the Karan Johars/ Farhan Akhtars, of the company who just love these SRKs so much that they start riding on the same boat, be it business decision or decision about investments; they just cannot seem to think beyond their Charmers.

These guys love to talk so much that they can spend time in restrooms, talk for hours and forget to reach to the actual destination. The love for spotlight makes them the star of any event or project even when they have not done much quality work but with their persuasiveness they can even sell the White House to the President. The sweet talk goons can be utilized for selling anything. Their networking skills are also very strong which makes them a favorite amongst people, but they have crimped relationships as relationship management is not their forte.

Whereas, the Ajay Devgans of the companies perform without much attention and spotlight and are endowed with a feeling of security and sincerity in the organizations, if you bank upon them you would never regret as the results will be more than what was asked for. The lack of persuasive nature makes them in less demand but once their potential is known there is no looking back as the targets, deadlines, and objectives are constantly accomplished with the best use of efforts and resources. They don’t like to be schmoozed, have fewer friends (read Prakash Jha), and prefer to work when work is there and can also be good listeners.

What do you think? Who would make a more popular employee – Shah Rukh Khan or Ajay Devgan? The profit comes from both but in different ways; one likes to sell himself and his talks, on the contrary, the other one renders profits through his work and not words, and takes the center stage just once in a year that too without being in the spotlight for the audiences.

I have seen both kinds of people flourish with their own styles, but the SRK of the Companies work mostly for monetary benefits and exclusively for their own self as they are selfish too, on the other hand, the Devgans are more passionate about their work, compete with themselves and are not into worldly ways of monetized incentives but find their awards in gestures like- a pat on the back, work life balance and other non-monetary stuff.

Creating influence through persuasion and charisma does not last too long as the talks get less lustrous with time. However, the work of one man can win accolades to any limits as the passion and security they bestow lasts forever.

Would really like to read the experiences of fellow HR professionals who have come across these two types of Employees? What makes them successful? What is lacking in them?

Let us hear from all of you…..

Keep sharing!! :)



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  • Ahaq

    Doctor, I agree with youi

  • chetna

    Hi archna!
    An excellent food for thought……..every organisation must have the right mix of all kind of people and should acknowledge their efforts and hardwork. While SRK’s type are required for superficial layer, its the AD’s who are the pillars of the company.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Very well said Ardent… thanks so much for your time…

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Ms. Chetna,

    At the core of it actually both of them are pillars if utilised properly. The superficial lot can help organisation in many ways it their strengths are put to proper use by leaders.

    Heartfelt thank you for your time and valuable inputs.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Yes, Wasiq..this is what happens when the Managers/leaders are carried away with the charms of SRK, likewise what happens in the film industry.
    The discussion actually is to highlight such issues and how we can take care of it by realising the true potential of each personality type and put them to good use.

  • Vineet Acharyaster

    Amazing , Full of knowledge . Kudos to sender

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Vineet…
    Such appreciation really helps us in knowledge sharing……motivation milta hai….:)

  • Nadeem-sid


  • Sunil Vishwakarma

    Like filmware, same things happen everywhere SRKs get more rewards than ADs which it unfair! I am not trying to say that I am not a SRK fan :)
    But it is the truth

  • Priya Modak

    Written and thought over very beautifully.. Hats off to the way you have been able to pen down your thoughts and make the readers think over whether he/she is a Shahrukh or an Ajay ;)

    Keep going Archna!

  • Priya Modak

    Would just like to add one more point.Also, as a reader, once you discover who you are out of the two and can spot each of both,Shahrukh and Ajay, around you at your work place, you would not try to change yourself because now you know each one’s strengths and weaknesses!

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Very well said Priya, but sometimes its important to work on the weaknesses and bring in a little change in ourselves in order to get progress in the company as well as in personal life. Thanks so much for your valuable inputs dear.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Again Priya, Such valuable words work as a positive reinforcement for us..Keep reading and sharing….:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Sunil..

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Nadeem,

    Yes i also believe in performance and result and so do the SRKs and ADs of firms, they also perform and are result oriented though the methods and techniques differs.

  • Creative Versatile

    Hard Work + Right Timing= Charishma

  • Kova

    Somebody forgot here that, creating a brand takes lots of handwork and passion , its a continuous process . Along with hard work one needs to be smart too; to survive in this competitive world . Hence work with those skills which best suits you . I would also want to let you know that if you have gained so much power to make decisions and influence people then you will no longer be in that role , one would grow higher and higher in their nature and stature . Very childish and childlike comparison you gave however it may attract the masses but not the intellectuals :)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Kova, thank you for your insights on the topic. Agree with you that the comparison is little childish, and I seriously believe that all intellectuals should take out that child in them….If we can make SRK or AD our role models than why can’t we compare them with our real heroes in Organisation. Think about it!!! I think you misunderstood the editorial, as not even once we denied the smartness quotient in SRKs, or utilisation of skills which one has.
    Also, my dear, if this comment is from an intellectual, i’m surprised as you also read the entire article…so contradictory statement. and On behalf of the people who shared there experiences and insights I would not accept the last you cannot judge their intellectual abilities…..

    I truly appreciate your time and efforts. Keep sharing….:)

  • Monisha

    I think this should take in the fact that inter personal skills are needed and just being a devgan is not enough. shahrukh khan along with his good interpersonal skills works hard on his actingskills too! it is the job profile that should also be considered. As for shahrukh doing it just for money and fame— we can’t judge people on hearsay can we????

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi it written somewhere that SRK is doing for work and Money??…i don’t think so. The reference to SRK and AD is just for a comparison with our real stars in Organisation. I agree with you somewhat being a Devgan is not enough he needs to brand himself…similarly being SRK is not enough.talks would do good in very limited professions, so enhance other skills as well.