Marketing of Hotel Rooms – Hotel and Travel Industry

Hotel and travel industry is at its peak. The government is now giving proper attention to the travel and tour industry along with private sector in the field. It is one of the most unexplored industries with immense potential. Now many countries are promoting the travel and tour industry to increase their revenue. Countries like India have emerged as a good player in promoting the tourism industry. The country itself is an abode of natural charm and beauty. Each and every state of India has some unique and attractive quality which is enough to draw visitors from all corners of the world. Some states are famous for their greenery and forest cover, some are known for their great culture and architecture. In short visiting India or exploring the boundaries of any of its state would give immense pleasure and would turn out to be a great experience.

The backbone of the travel and tourism industry is hotels and lodging facilities. People travel from one place to another due to various reasons it could be official, casual or a family holiday. One of the biggest problems that travelers face while traveling from one place to another is bad lodging and food. Countries like India which have great potential in the travel and tourism industry are now lacing themselves with better hotels and accommodation service.

With substantial growth in travel and tour industry in the past few years, many leading industrialists are trying their hand at the hotel industry. Though hotel and accommodation service is earning better profit but one of the biggest pitfalls of the tourism industry is that they suffer a lot of loss especially during the off seasons. Such conditions are more troublesome for 3-star and 5-star hotels as they have to spend a good amount of money to maintain the standard of the hotel and its service which is really costly.

Almost all the leading 3-star and above hotels are trying different marketing strategies to book maximum hotel rooms and avoid losses. One of the best ways to get recognized by people is by getting your hotel listed in the tourism office. Visitors from other states and countries mostly rely on the tourism office to obtain useful information about hotels and accommodation services.  Get your hotel listed on the tourism website or be part of special holiday packages. These methods will give you a chance to remain in touch with clients and find customers all through the season.

Establish good public relations. It will surely help you in getting bookings even during the off season. Establish contacts with private companies and government departments. Now many private sectors companies have regional offices, zonal offices and HQ in different parts of the country. They organize meetings from time to time and invite employees from different zones. During such meetings and conferences they require the service of good hotels and most of them prefer 3-star or even 4 and 5 star hotels for organizing their meetings and sessions.  It is a good idea to delegate PR responsibility to some firm or agent. It will be their responsibility to find potential clients for your hotel. Utilize mass media to spread news about your hotel rooms and services. Press release, reviews and comments from visitors are useful for promoting your hotel rooms.

Internet marketing is another useful tool in your kit for promoting your hotels and it has emerged as one of the best ways to generate higher revenue from your hotel. There are various websites related to traveling and accommodation, get listed on such websites and get clients for your hotel rooms. Another good way to get more clients is by designing and developing your own website and by promoting it intelligently. It could be the best source to attract clients for your hotel and generate immense revenue. Hiring professional SEO service provider is not a bad idea, though one can raise in-house SEO team but it will be an extra burden on the hotels’ finance so it is better to outsource it and enjoy better results.

During off season the Hotel management can give rooms in bulk to corporate sectors for conferences. This can be done through intermediaries who are in the business of booking rooms in bulk and let them out to corporates for conferences. The intermediaries pay for and book the rooms in advance.

Explore new avenues of promotion and marketing of hotel rooms and make your hotel business a profitable one.

Hospitality and Hotel Management careers have become much sought after and lucrative options for thousands of young professionals in India. The industry has changed significantly over the years offering higher salaries, stability and career growth. In fact, students with hospitality degrees are in high demand, not just by hotels but by a variety of companies in the service sector.

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