Big retail players in Hyderabad

After IT and a top management school the city of Hyderabad nicknamed Cyberabad is attracting big retailers. Reliance is another conglomerate setting up big retail outlet there. It is no exaggeration that more and more malls may come up there faster than expected.

Reliance formally launched its ‘Fresh’ vegetable and fruit retail outlet in Hyderabad which is the fifth such big venture in the food retail segment in the city.

There are an estimated 200 food and grocery supermarkets already in Hyderabad which, industry observers say, is being eyed for its high disposable income and still affordable real estate prices.

The friendly neighborhood vegetable vendor who gives coriander and chilies gratis may not be out of business as yet, but his customer base is surely threatened and shrinking in Hyderabad. The city’s lanes and by lanes are now dotted with high profile food retail outlets selling everything from mushrooms to brooms and from farm-fresh to frozen vegetables.

While Reliance’s foray has added to the existing retail stores with 11 pilot outlets in the city, the corporate giant intends to further expand this to 28. In fact, Hyderabad citizens will even get fresh flowers for daily worship of God (Puja) apart from the usual fruits and vegetables.

Observers say that Hyderabad is perhaps the largest “organized or modern retail market� today in the food and grocery segment.

Another major player is RPG’s Spencer’s, which has both super as well as hypermarkets in Hyderabad and views the city as its largest market. They started operations here five to six years ago and it (Hyderabad) remains the pioneer.

Southern sirens: A Big Market

South India has a larger processed food market owing from more working women in this part compared to the northern states. In

Hyderabad what works for is a combination of not so expensive real estate and high disposable incomes.

It’s not just national players that are making their presence felt on Hyderabad’s retail scene. Reliance may have launched its Rs 25,000 crore food retail plan in Hyderabad. But close on its heels is Trinethra, a Hyderabad-based food and grocery retailer with 60 outlets in the city and which has already announced plans to expand further.