BPO as a career

Pay-offs of a long-term BPO career are quite attractive: the entry level salaries can almost go up to 3 lakh and up to 8 lakh per annum with 5-6 years experience at the senior levels. Job profiles are equally challenging.

English speaking graduates hold a lot of opportunities for the future. This is because of the nature of jobs that is being created in the BPO industry. As most of the work is being outsourced from US or UK, the basic requirement is having good knowledge of English. However, in spite of having such simple requirement for entry, why is BPO not viewed as a long term career option? The reasons are numerous — not safe, not good for health, not stable, etc. the list can go on.

But none of these reasons are true, all these are just doubts expressed by people outside the industry, who have no clue of how things actually are here. Let us try and look at why these doubts are baseless and how BPO is quite a good option for a long term career.


Today many BPOs take undergraduates or part-timers who want to earn as well as study. With the lowering of bar of education, youngsters who had difficulty in finding jobs now have a variety of options available in front of them. Stream, in fact offers its employees the option of pursuing higher studies while working and sponsor 100% of the education fees. This is done through tie-ups with various management institutes that conduct in-house classes and exams and also give discount on fees. This is a great opportunity for youngsters who cannot attend courses because of their work timings. There are not many companies outside the BPO industry that offers such an option to its employees.


It is open secret that BPO industry is today one of highest paying industry. That is the exact reason, why the workforce includes management graduates, engineers, post-graduates and more. Recruits in the BPO industry are in an elite category, earning in one month as much as the average annual per capita income of around $450 dollars – a figure that cannot be easily matched today by the other industries. No other industry pays Rs 30,000 and above salary at an average age of 25 with just a basic graduate degree. The handsome compensation offered by the companies is because of the high return on investment they get from the business. Good performers are also rewarded in a handsome manner, in the form monetary incentives, trips abroad and numerous other innovative policies.

Changing Roles

The entry-level position in a BPO may be that of a technical / customer service executive or back office executive. However after that there is an option to becoming an expert in a variety of roles like quality assurance, operations, training, MIS, etc.

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