References – A Reality Check

A phone call comes and you are asked about an ex-employee who worked in the company; what would you do? In most cases we would talk positively about that person and use flowery and decorative language so that the next employer gets impressed and/or in reality would be eager to just get rid of the person ASAP and so the best way would be to talk very nicely.

On the other side, a similar phone call and the Manager responds negatively about the employee, he would say all that he could think of saying just to spoil his/her image and restrict the chances of that employee to be employed anywhere else. It is not necessary that an ex employee is always really bad; it could very well be the employer’s version of maligning him/her just to take revenge or show dislike.

How Hypocritical? Isn’t it? It’s a really debatable topic! Isn’t this a common situation in many organizations? I’m sure many of us must have behaved in one of the two manners while giving references, unless of course, if the employee is worthy of these kinds of feedback-positive or negative. It gets confusing many a times as to what to say and what not to say about an employee…

Miscellaneous examples tell different tales about reference check and their failure in various organizations,to quote one such example;

A Recruitment Manager hired a female employee in the HR department, the girl looked suitable for the specific role and after clearing all the rounds smoothly she joined as a Recruitment Executive. One error that was made was that there was no reference-check done, and few months down the line everyone could see behavioral problems coming up, sometimes to an extent that she would go in to depression for days and just refuse to open up to anyone. She would complain about her work environment, colleagues and even her Manager and surprisingly all of them were baseless complaints.

After 3 months we got to know that she even tried to commit suicide when she was in her previous organization. An error turned in to a blunder, which implies that due importance should be given to reference-check in every organization.

There are many myths attached to reference-checks that if we give negative remarks about employees their future will be in jeopardy, but think this way if you do not give the right feedback there are chances that you as an employer may not get the same and so, all this practice of reference-check loses its lustre. Why not use our own prudence and rationale prior to providing feed backs about the employees?

In fact, some employees do not hesitate to file defamation lawsuits even if they are just angry over missing out on a job and such inherent perils have effectively tied their hands and make them (employer) shy away from honest, insightful and detailed answers.

The Prevention:

  • A reference check is not the time to give vent to your malice or get your own back against the former employee. Let’s be professional and not take revenge of any kind.
  • One should stick to a factual, unbiased and accurate evaluation limited to the work-related aspects of the employee’s behavior.
  • Never offer judgmental opinions, voice-subjective ideas or misleading/incomplete information.
  • If required, hold the phone call, take out the file and then tell them about the ex- employee through it.
  • If asked, try and disclose both negative and positive aspects of the ex-employee, and unless asked for do not speak about any other information on your own.
  • If at all there is something that your employer needs to know, present your side of the story during the interview itself, especially in case an ex employer has not relieved you happily.
  • In case of any serious offence, do let them know about it, but if the matter is sub-judice then seek out legal help before giving reference.

Each one of us have our own strengths and liabilities, and sometimes how differently people perceive them obstructs our path, so be very vigilant while providing feedback! And who knows you might also require some references in future….so think twice and be wise!

As it’s a complex, debatable topic I would invite insights from fellow HR professionals about the same, be it stories, examples, cases…which can be of use to all. So wear your thinking cap and put your thoughts in here…….;)

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  • Kvdongre

    Reliable Consultancy Services is a background screening company specializing in pre and post-employment verifications for Corporates. Our objective is to assist our clients in preventing recruitment of unscrupulous and unethical personnel into the organization.

    The frequency of frauds, connected to fake certificates have increased drastically. As Per the current statistics from the Industry experience shows that more than 16 percent of candidates provide fake or misleading information on their resumes. This figure is alarming. But what is more alarming is their attitude that they’ll get away with it. If not combated, this attitude will become a cultural mindset.

    India is on the fast track and we as Corporate; under our Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility have to consciously acknowledge this reality and ensure that our risk mitigating processes are one step ahead of the fraudsters.

    Employee screening is a robust tool to authenticate documents and information submitted by prospective employees.

    The Reliable Package:
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    * Due Diligence Verification
    * Passport verification.
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    1. Education Verification:
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    b) Professional License/Certificate Verification: Verifying the date of the license/ certification award, e.g., CPA, LLB, CA, CFA and the status of the license.

    2. Employment Verification:
    a) Line Manager/Supervisor Verifications: Verifying previous employment of the candidate claims including Strengths, Weakness, Team Player, Leadership qualities, Specific Achievements, Rehire Status, performance evaluation/tracking, Integrity and Character.
    b) HR Verifications: Verifying previous employment of the candidate claims period of joining, position/s held, earnings, reasons for quitting, rehire status, performance evaluation/tracking.

    3. Criminal/Antecedent Verification:
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    4. Personal/Professional Reference Check:
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    5. Address Verification:
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    6. Database Verification:
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    7. Due Diligence Verification:
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    9. Drug Testing
    we will require a signed consent form for all potential employees stating that they have given you permission to check references.
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    Request to go through the above and give us an opportunity and a chance to serve you better.

    We look forward to hearing from you and to a mutually beneficial relationship between our organizations. In case you require any further clarifications please be free to connect to any of the following contacts.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Brajendra, what help you want? what is the company all about? give us some more details, how many employees working there? and why not post your query in, also try a research option in citehr and there you will get all the details about safety policy and how to select members for safety committee.

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    “The Prevention” is very well thought-out, Archna! I think a clear self assessment on the candidate’s part is very important because a relationship has to be built between the new employer and the candidate, although very important but reference at times may become secondary. If one is really sure of the suitability of the candidate, may be, a friendly chat with another employee in the previous company could help a second opinion.

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    very well said Ahona..I’m delighted and thankful for appreciation. I have tried my best to pen down my thought process here with the experience i have gained during all these years in various industries. Keep reading and sharing!!