Summer Training- Campus to Corporate

An internship or/and summer training results in full time employment when the student completes his/her course or in some cases well before that. Why do you think institutes like the IIMs take equal interest in placing their candidates for summer internship? The reason being, that most of them are acquired by the companies for future jobs as well. Most employers feel that there is a huge gap which students have to cover from the campus to the corporate; they are not empowered with the practical skills that are required in companies.

Then why not take summer placements seriously, when your best bet is to treat your internship as seriously as you would a job, and treat your internship provider as you would an employer. While you are there to learn as much as you can about the field of study you’re interested in, you’re also there to be helpful to your internship provider and other staff who depend on interns, which in turn can open a plethora of openings for you.

Don’t agree?? Read more to understand how a seriously done internship can benefit your career in the long run, even if you are not placed in the same company for a job, the experience gained can actually help you in designing your future course of action and change you as a person.

What an internship can do for you?

With a tsunami of such institutions in every line, and availability of project reports on sale, the seriousness of summer placements is weakening, and every day we see many queries on “Help for my project” on the forum. A seriously done internship can do wonders for you, here is how:

Deciding your career interest: Internship is a great tool to help you define your career goals and it also helps the students in getting clarity of thought by helping them identify their field of interest. By picking projects that lie in their area of interest, students can evaluate if their current interest area excites them. Being in the real work environment will allow you to determine what role suits your skill set, and thus will help you to apply for jobs later.

For example, if you’re majoring in HR, but have an eye on IT as well, you might consider an internship with some IT/ITES company in their HR department. Or another example could be, if you’re planning to major in marketing but not sure whether you want to go into advertising or digital marketing, you should consider getting knowledge in both areas to help you decide which is best for you.

Gateway to full-time jobs: By working with a firm closely during the internship period, a PG student gets an opportunity to understand the working culture of the company. The company, in turn, gets an opportunity to evaluate the student for a potential full-time job offer. This way the student gets a fantastic opportunity to convince employers to hire them, by displaying their skills.

Develop practical skills: Reading course books and term assignments only helps to understand the basics, but what goes on in real life work situations in your field is different from that. As an intern in an organization, you stand to benefit immensely by observing how veterans from various fields tackle projects and also gives you a chance to apply the theory learnt in classroom into practice. Hands-on experience is very important!

Networking: Your first step in the corporate world, an internship programme will immensely help you create a professional network and bring you in contact with people from your field. This will be valuable in the coming years and also if you land in a job with the same company. As a trainee, colleagues around you will be open to sharing their experiences which will surely help you get your final placements. So network, learn and get placed.

Value addition to your resume: There are companies willing to take in freshers and train them; an internship adds value to your CV before you go for the final placement/ or after completing your graduation. An experience of a few months – where you have learnt some basic facts of bridging the gap from campus to corporate will surely take you a long way with newly acquired skills and knowledge added to your resume.

Learn!! don’t waste your energy on getting a project report for free/ or for money, this would not benefit you in any way, place your best efforts to grab an opportunity to work during that golden period of “8 weeks” in a company which adds value to your career path and helps you design your future  (not just a compromise)

Members please pour your thoughts here and add more points which can help students to understand the value of an internship and make them work towards their project reports instead of focusing on copy-paste and/or purchasing of reports. Look forward to a tremendous response…

Here’s – for the next Generation!!

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  • Samina

    nice article. thanks for sharing. I want to know that Is that type of training program (internships) are design for students only? and before getting job internship is necessary to every one?

  • rohit

    hi guys the above article really helps freshers taking their projects or internship seriously. i bought my project for MBA just because of lack of time but now i realise that if i would have done that project that would have be much better. this internship not only is value add to their resume but student can feel or analyse the corporate world. how tough is the competition in the corporate world, where quality speaks everywhere..associate need to remember . quality performance and growth …go together… thanks archana for this wonderful article

  • Rastogi Akanksha4

    hey Archana…
    thnx foh dis exuberant article….realy i wud b helpd by it…:)

  • Thanks for this Article..could anyone tell me how may I get a platform for summer training…


    Internship time is a valuable of for students. Actually it is the time when they are at the threshold of entry into corporate world. I have been recruiting Diploma Engineers from all over the country. However, I notice an appreciable decline in the quality of education. Students have a lot of distractions these days and they appear for the exam with just a week;s preparation. Consequently, they dont remember even basic laws, rules and theories. It is diappointing to see the decline in quality. In such a situation, internship programmes come in handy in getting an opportunity for the students to touch base with the basics, so that they turn out to be technically sound employees in the long run. This is applicable to non-technical students as well.


  • mkinfotec

    nice article. thanks for sharing. use full article for employees …….


    Its a really more valuable article which help the trainee that to best to acquire while getting training. we will get more benefit from this article especially the training who is planning for training through company.

  • Satish Pande

    Summer trainning is the first opportunity for a student to see corporate world. I fully agree with the author’s view and would like to add that the mind state of students is to look for big companies rather than start ups, and smaller companies, which is misplaced as a small company which is run professionally may offer more exposure to student and understand inter -relationships of various departments in a copy. It is better to be a big fish in a small tank than other way round. The reason for doing summer internship should be to gain as much practicle knowledge as possible.

  • Sim

    Completely agree with you!! I did an internship last summer, although my course didn’t require one and I learnt way more in those 8 weeks as compared to the 8 semesters in college!

  • abinaya

    hi friends above article is really useful for freshers .i had experience with summer it is very useful for my job in internship how much we learn wil surely help in corporate world.pls take your internship seriously and learn more.

  • amita

    Hi Arachana,
    I,m running my own HR soloutions centre at gwalior.I,m having my own V C centre also. Can you help me in doing tie ups at your end for HR services,if you want i can contact you on phone or give me your mail id so that i can provide you my working in brief.

  • raghavendra

    please send the information about internship programmes conducted by you

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hey Rohit..I’m so glad…and hats off to you for accepting something on a public forum…very well said…i don’t think i have to say anything after your contribution here….keep it up

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Sim…learning comes faster when we start implementing the things….:)

  • Sheetal0925

    it was really nice reading this article.i’ll be going for my summer training next month and this information is just at the right time.
    thanks’s like helping someone climb the first step.thanks :)

  • Daftuar

    Summer Trainees: Salahkaar Consultants at Pune and Noida (Delhi) will welcome 3-4 summer trainees (2/3 at Pune ans 1 at Noida). Pune being a “all women” company only women candidates are welcome. Since very intensive work assignments and training are provided only very diligent and serious students are welcome with good command on spoken and written English will be given preference. No stipend except expenses incurred on assignments is paid.

  • Bijaya K Shrestha

    Dear Archana,
    If really candidates know about this important matter, s/he didn’t need the any experience when apply for new job. I was so excited to listen about personal talent of individual, it is really focus for person in his life and everybody should know about there personal talent, set a goal from this. Hope people see your this wonderful topics they are really encouraged. I encourage all youth to know their personal talent and focus with their life. Be set a life goal with smart goal.
    Bijaya K Shrestha
    Pokhara, Nepal

  • Daftuar

    Any one interested in relating life goal settings and life’s achievement will be benefited if s/he reads my article “Goal Setting Techniques: A Leadership Essential’, published in the October 2010 issue of the leading Indian management magazine named Business Manager. The article describe the whole techniques, stages of Goal Setting and ways to achieve it in a non-conventional way. A training module as also been included.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Akanksha..if you are a student or fresher it will surely be of help….:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Amit, plz provide some more details about you in order to get right guidance, what you do? which course? from where? then we will be able to give proper solutions.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks you so much….keep reading!!

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Vikas….its important for us to understand the importance of summer trainings and internship and take advantage of such opportunities…

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    very rightly put Mr. Pande….i hope students are reading…:)

  • Munmunpqr

    This topic really worths. Summer Internship must be taken seriously bacause students when face interviews after completion of their professional courses their is only those 8 weeks’ experience which guides them to face interview. As the CV is a question paper for an interviwee and the interviewer ask mostly from the CV. Therefore students must take effort to gain practical knowledge during the internship as because they can confidently answer when any thing is asked related to the same profile.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Samina..first of all thanks so much for nice words of appreciation. And Yes, i believe that Internship should be mandatory for even the freshers, which is there in certain courses such as CA, CS etc..

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks so much MunMun…very valuable insights. I agree and hope students are reading this…keep sharing such nice inputs.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks Mr. Daftuar….:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Dear Bijaya,
    I’m grateful to you all for making our write ups successful. Even if one person learns from this, Bingo!! I’m glad its people like you who are putting in their efforts to show a right path to our Gen Next….:) Thanks so much. Keep sharing wonderful thoughts….

  • Gopika_bhutani

    Thanks Archna Mam for sharing such a nice and a practical article,it really adds value to my knowledge . I would just like to add one thing that as the management trainee is the lowest in the hierarchy he/she should be mentally prepared for all the stress and burden which can be forced upon them.

  • Rajbeer Singh

    Hey,thanks alot for posting this article. I thought summer internships are never converted into jobs. But, this article cleared all myths. As, i`ll be going for summer internship very soon & i would take it more seriously.
    Please,if you can help me in telling what points i shall be careful about while doing internship that could help me in converting it into PPL.

  • Sree

    hey hii,i am CSE student from IIT indore…can i have some HR details or any info of internship for summer next year..

  • Mr Uskumar

    gud mrng,
    this is satish kumar from bangalore.i do MBA(IIP) 1st yr.i hav to do job as d university role,i will choose HR.please give me suggestions&notifications about job to

  • IBPS is ,to get job in banks,which known as common written test,need some standard qualifications and age to attempt the exam.

  • Tanuj Malik

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  • JKT Education

    Great work Archna!
    Yes, Summer training not only add value but it expose candidate to corporate world. A perfect training program really helps to grab good job opportunities so a candidate should be very careful while choosing any training program.