Marketing of tourism from India to US

The last two decades saw many changes in the Indian society. Some  of these changes were expected and some were quite surprising. The reason behind these unexpected changes was the growth in the Indian economy. It also led to an improvement in the living standard of the middle-class and the upper-middle class. They are now earning a lot of money and are willing to spend it on comfort and leisure.

‘Surprise your spouse and kids with a US holiday package and spend some fantastic time in your dream city.’ It is a good idea to spend some quality time with family and friends, it rejuvenates the body and mind. Most people spend their weekends and go for a vacation at nearby hill stations, national parks or just drop in at a friend’s farm house to spend a day or two. Spending quality time in a beautiful foreign country is a dream come true for many people, though few decades back this dream was not feasible for the middle class people, but now the trend has changed, even a middle class person can plan a trip to USA, spending the weekend at Hollywood and sipping coffee at some renowned coffee house.

Tour and traveling has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries.  Even the government is taking initiatives to promote tourism to attract local and foreigner travelers. The role of a tour and traveling company is very significant in promoting international tour and traveling. They are designing special packages to attract travelers and promoting international tourism.

Though the trend of international touring especially between US and India is improving but it still has a lot of scope for improvement. There are various means to promote traveling and touring. Travel agencies and companies are relying on traditional as well as unconventional ways to promote tourism so that more and more people can plan a holiday to the US. Even though it sounds clichéd but advertising through TV, radio, posters, newspapers and brochures is still effective. It spreads the desired information and also inspires people to plan their next vacation trip.

The life line of the tour and traveling industry is dependent on a smooth and easy communication line and better hotel and lodging service. Many hotels have tied –up with the Indian tourism companies and offer Indian food and rooms at a concessional rate. The Indian tourism companies have also tied –up with a lot of restaurants that offer Indian cuisine so that people can easily find one that suits their budget.

It is important to highlight the special features of a country. Almost all cities have some significant features. Some cities are known for their historical events or cuisine; some are known for their festivals and carnivals and some are known for a ravishing lifestyle. The main attractions of the place need to be highlighted to draw more visitors towards the country.

The success of travel and tour industry is largely decided by the people of that place. Everyone including a shop attendant,a waiter and even a local citizen should treat travelers respectfully. They should at home.

There are many Super Markets in the US where Indian tourists can buy things at throw away prices in a “Sale” or a basement bargain. US attracts a lot of tourists because they have developed the tourist places at recreational centers.

US has already developed many tourist destinations and is promoting them vigorously. A trip to the US will not be for a day or a weekend. It is for those who are planning to spend money and stay for a few weeks. Choose your potential customers first and then promote it.

The sole purpose of a vacation is to enjoy your leisure time in the most amiable way. Motive of touring is to gain new experience, do your favorite activities and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. In order to attract visitors it is important to develop some good recreational centers or facilitate some recreational activities like water rafting, mountaineering, horse riding, nature study, camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, and photography.

Highlight the main attractions of the place. Spread news about cultural heritage programs; promote historic sites, fairs & festivals or shopping bonanza.

Choose any famous personality as your brand ambassador and promote tourism and traveling among tourists and travelers. While choosing a brand ambassador for promoting tourism make sure that the personality is famous in other courtiers as well.

USA also organizes festivals, award ceremonies and concerts, which promotes international tourism . Every year millions of people travel to US from India and all over the world.

The reputed companies in India for international travel are Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings, Raj Travels, SOTC, Kesari Tours and Travels, and RCI. RCI provides accommodation along with food all over the world. All these companies regularly give advertisements particularly in the print media about the destinations in US, number of days of the tour, cost per person, including air travel and sightseeing, and when contacted they also give the likely itinerary as well as the starting date of the tour. These tours are mostly conducted between April to October.