New job?

In case of two alternate routes, a candidate should select a domain suitable to himself. This advice is self-explanatory. But the choice taken subsequently could either make or break the candidate’s progress and not just for choosing jobs.

Such a ‘conflict management situation’ can arise for any and every aspect of life itself. At such times, you have to think through your head and feel through your heart.

Now that’s a true quandary that all of us have faced at sometime or the other. To continue in the current job or move to a different company, to be in service or start our own business, to keep working or take a break – these questions haunt every person in the corporate world today.

Keep a check of your strength and weakness. But how does one do this? Well, here are some tips for you to flow when facing that tough decision:

The first person you have to consider is yourself. Ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. If you feel that in the current company and industry your growth has stagnated then prepare yourself for a change. It would actually be great to have an open discussion with your boss or seniors to get a direction. If you still feel that solution is not forthcoming then seek help externally.

You can consult the experts in your field and check if you are capable of doing something better. If this is too difficult, look at the Web sites that can guide you in this matter. Join an online group of like-minded people and seek guidance and tips for better understanding of your situation.

Finally, after all this analysis, the important part is to take a step in the direction where you want to ultimately be in the future. If you continue doing what you are doing, you will continue getting what you are getting. So if you want to be in a different place from where you currently are, do something different. Once you take this first step, half battle is won – provided you want to fight for something better!

Look, there are plenty of opportunities today. But few take risks. Only those who take calculated risks with measured steps can succeed in achieving their long – term goals.

And please never ever regret a decision. Even and especially if it is a wrong move, keep going along the chosen path. You just need to follow the military maxim – “Burn the bridges behind you�. That’ll leave no avenue for retreat!