Choose the right career path

Choosing the right career path is one of the most crucial decisions that we make in our life. It is a really tough task to choose the right options. Youngsters are usually lost in a crowd of options and they simply choose the career of their parent’s choice or follow the path of their friends and seniors without giving it a thought whether it is the right option for them or not, is it going to suit their mental caliber or not? Do they have the attitude and aptitude to move forward on the road to success in the years to come?

Very few people are lucky enough to choose a career of their choice most of them just follow the path of others. It is very important to test your aptitude, mental caliber, interest and attitude before choosing your career line. Instead of giving priority to short-term goals think about your whole life. One hasty decision and your life will become a puzzle. Don’t ruin your life and career; choose your profession wisely and smartly fora peaceful and a prosperous life.

The craze of MBA is ruling the heart and head of fresh graduates and young professionals. An MBA degree from a reputed college is a doorway to success. It not only gives you the guarantee of a better job with a high salary package, but a better career growth as well. Every year millions of students appear in different MBA admission entrance tests to lay the first stone of their success, but unfortunately only few of them can turn their dream into reality.

Success is largely determined by aptitude and preparation. There are millions of candidates competing for the same seat. It is your preparation that determines your chance of success in a highly competitive environment. There are thousands of coaching centers claiming to prepare you for top business school, but it becomes a really tough task for the student to choose. The entrance exams like CAT, XLRI, GMAT are not easy to crack, it requires exhaustive preparation and strategic planning to clear the exam.

Courses like MBA, MCA prepare their entrance test paper with great care so that they can evaluate the attitude and aptitude of the candidate and choose the suitable candidates out of all the students. One can clear the entrance exam of CAT and other prestigious MBA entrance tests even without enrolling for coaching. Just follow the 3Ds-Dedication, Determination and Devotion and make your way easy.

To score better in your MBA entrance test start practicing verbal ability, quantitative analysis and data interpretation, some entrance exams like SNAP have an additional category of GK as well.  There is a lot of study material available in the market and on the internet, start exploring the available resources and get ready for the big day.

Verbal ability: This section is very crucial. This section involves reading comprehension, grammar and sentence correction. Start working on your vocabulary. Read English news-papers, listen to the words carefully while watching a movie or an advertisement, make a list of difficult words, find out the meaning and try to use it in your day to day conversations. You can find useful study material in the market as well. Practice with workbooks and give tests for better preparation.

Quantitative analysis (QA) is another deciding paper in an MBA entrance exam, though the level of complexity is not very high, it is the test of speed and accuracy. If you are preparing on your own start solving Maths book of class VI to class X. This section mainly includes problems on profit & loss, time, speed & distance, questions on analytical ability. To score well in QA paper practice regularly, solve the workbook for consistent practice.

Data Interpretation: This section involves questions based on charts, tables, and problems on logical reasoning. You can easily find study material for preparing DI paper. The more you practice, the better you score in your exam.

It is important to score well in all papers, institutes conducting MBA and other competitive exams choose candidates who score well in all papers, for ex:

QA 99.2% percentile

DI99.1% percentile

VA 98.8% percentile

Solving previous years entrance papers is the best way to judge your caliber; proper time management is a must to crack the MBA entrance exam.

It is not hard to clear an MBA entrance exam but it is meant for only those who have interest in Maths, numbers and have a good command over communication skills. It is important to know your attitude, aptitude and caliber before choosing your professional line and in short both capacity and capability for completing the competitive courses and thereafter as a successful executive in the functions assigned by the employer.

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