Promotion is not about luck

Promotion- that single word is powerful enough to motivate employees to give their best. Better job, timely promotion and better growth makes a job really interesting. It is the hope of promotion that works as a power booster for the new employee and motivates them to give their best.  So if you want to grab the next promotion opportunity start preparing for it from now and don’t let your colleague eat your piece of cake, make sure that you leave no stone unturned to explore the available opportunity.

Punctuality is the best quality in an employee. It shows your sincerity and dedication to your job. Always come on time. A good employee always comes earlier and leaves the office late to make sure that all work is done properly and if it is a project then one needs to proceed as per the schedule.

To get the best, give your best, strive for excellence. All employees perform their job fairly it is the best employee who catches the attention of the authorities and makes a mark. Plan properly and execute your plan with higher accuracy. It is not just the official task that needs to be performed with great enthusiasm but there are many other activities in your professional life that are not directly related to your job but are part of your professional life.  Your job has certain expectations from you and it is your duty to fulfill it. Each job has certain expectations from its employers, fulfill your expectations and remain in the race for promotion. Make the competition race tougher for your colleagues with your flawless performance.

Knowledge and skill play a crucial role for your position in office. Update your skills from time to time. It is not only technological skills that matter but an improvement in the soft skills also plays significant role in your career growth.

The way to success is not easy and if you are working for any organization then the way to success become more competent as you have to compete with a group of people who match up to you in terms of talent, so one person’s loss becomes another’s gain.  It is very important to assess yourself from time to time and work on your drawbacks. Learn from your mistakes and try not to make them time and again. Show a consistent improvement in your performance.

Dress for success. Hard work is not the only key to promotion, today the  corporate world considers many factor while choosing an employee for the better opportunity. Your etiquette, manners and dressing sense say a lot about you, your behavior and attitude. Dressing for success does not imply wearing branded items but it is more about formal and decent dressing.

Work pressure is common but a successful employee knows how to deal with the work pressure. Never run from extra responsibilities, take initiative for a new task, and ask for responsibility. Let your boss know that you love your job and love to take initiatives and responsibilities. It will definitely improve your image.

Be apart of the company. Know the mission and objectives of the company and play your part sincerely in achieving the objective of the company.  Playing your duty with great sincerity and responsibility will surely win rewards for you.

Avoid gossip against the boss or management and make yourself known to the human resource department by your work. It is true that work speaks louder than words but regular interaction is also required to make your presence felt. The authorities should know who you are and the department you come from.

Improve your public speaking skills; though it is not required for all kinds of job profiles but an employee who is more active in public speaking gets more advantage during the time of promotion.

Companies give special privileges to those employees who have ‘mouths to feed’. Let the authorities know that you have more responsibility and the promotion is not just for your professional satisfaction.

Though promotion is largely determined by the employee’s performance but if an employee is rude and behaves disrespectfully with other colleagues and his boss, he will surely not get the advantage of his skills. Behave cordially and respectfully with your colleagues and seniors and win their appreciation.

Promotion it is about hard work, consistent performance and a balanced behavior. There are many hurdles to cross before reaching your target. Work diligently with sincerity and pave your path to success. Getting promotion in a new job is not very easy but to mark your presence you have to show your extraordinary talent and get in to the limelight.

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  • BH

    Good piece but…..what do you do if you work under a management system that does not recognise good work ethics, professionalism and intoxicated with profiteering more than anything else and the job market is shrunk? BH

  • Rinu

    exactly the same situation here as well..

  • Mandeep85009

    got it

  • rahul

    Coming early to office and leaving late is not a sign of a good employee.. theres a kind of employee who works as hard as an ass, where as theres a type who works smart…. come to office on time or not, your work speaks for your capabilities. Make sure you tie up the assignments and roles on time and thats it!!!

  • Sunilkumar Yadav

    applicable where hard work is rewarded, not other

  • Ti


  • Subhash_ahir

    Excellent Article. Thank you very much for your valuable guideline to get pramotion.

  • Jwwathika

    Promotion is for those who work smart. but s’times harding hard is necessary if the organization rewarding system is not standard.

  • Kovakosh3

    All the above sounds good , Its like the Karl Max theories , sounds good but when put in to practice fails big time :)

  • Naveen Dhingra

    it sound good in private sector but what about the Government Sector Where those who are doing good hard work getting more and more work and those who are not doing there duties properly, officer can’t giving them the work and they are enjoying their job very much then the hard workers.

  • Vaishalee Parkhi

    Excellent article !!! It will indeed motivate the employees seeking promotion ….

    On other note, there are employees taking/ ready to take higher responsibilites leading to higher positions but companies hinder to offer such positions giving reason there is no organizational requirements. Only sensible employers can make a way out.

  • Noorulain Hassan

    good however what to do if there is alot favouritism in company