Action plan must precede actions at work

An action plan is a simple list of all of the tasks that you need to carry out to achieve an objective. It differs from a to-do list in that it focuses on the achievement of a single goal.

An action plan is a list of things that you need to do to achieve a goal. To use it, simply carry out each task in the list.

Wherever you want to achieve something significant in work related task or team related task, draw up an action plan. This helps you think about what you need to do to achieve that thing, so that you can get help where you need it and monitor your progress.

To draw up an action plan, simply list the tasks that you need to carry out to achieve your goal, in the order that you need to complete them. This is very simple, but is still very useful.

Say if you want to organize a send off party for your boss, this will be your goal. Your action plan should include all the things that you will need to do to achieve this better.

Keep the action plan by you as you carry out the work and update it as you go along with any additional activities that come up.

If you think you’ll be trying to achieve a similar goal again, revise your action plan after the work is complete, by changing anything that could have gone better. Perhaps you could have avoided a last minute panic if you had alerted a supplier in advance about when and approximately what size of order you would be placing. Or maybe colleagues would have been able to follow up on the impact of your newsletter on clients if you have communicated with them about when it would be hitting clients’ desks.

If you’re doing the job often, it can be incredibly powerful to turn your action plan into an aide memoir sort of a how to carry on the task.

Action plans are great for small projects, where deadlines are not particularly important or strenuous, and where you don’t need to co-ordinate with other people.

As your projects grow, however, you’ll need to develop project management skills. This is particularly the case if you need to schedule other people’s time, or complete projects to tight deadlines.

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