To be or not to be?

Quoting these lines from the famous play, Hamlet written by the great playwright William Shakespeare, the question asked by Hamlet in the scene where he is contemplating suicide, ‘To be, or not to be: which means – is it better to live or die.

Hamlet’s phrase is certainly the most famous judgment on the fear of the unknown. The fear of what will happen the next day or in the future. We all come across such fears, on the job-you are fearful of retrenchment. When you greet your boss in the morning, and suddenly your boss looks away, what do you think? Your timorous imagination will tell you that your boss is thinking of retrenching you. Poor you, he may in fact be just getting some papers from the photo copier, but our qualms of unknown makes us so vulnerable to think in a negative mode.

In the professional world, the dilemma of to be or not to be must have been faced by many of us, no no…not in the sense of suicidal death, but whether to do something or not. One such common example could be during Exit interviews or while giving a resignation.

Double Trouble:

Facing a snag from a bad boss, to no hike in the salary, trouble can be of many types, though I’m of the opinion that a bird at hand is worth a dozen in the bush. Spread your wings, and begin to see yourself soar high. Though you may not find fulfillment in your present job but are you sure you will find it in your future job? What is the motive behind your reasoning?

Before going for other opportunities ask yourself factual questions: What is the motive behind your plan: is it for the money or for growth? If it’s the money, then there is a problem but if it is about growth/career then you are building a foundation, Career building is like a pyramid which might take time but the outcome is as beautiful as the Pyramids of Egypt.

Leaving a company where you have poured in many great years of learning and making mistakes, the comfort level with fellow team members may not be there (it’s just a matter of few days) and once you get acquainted with the system and culture it will welcome you with open arms.

Quandary of emotions:

Will you get a promotion or not is another such example with ingredients of fear and predicament. Why worry dear friends when the efforts are being made, each step taken with utmost care and hard work, why lose sleep over such a trivial issue, yes, your future may be dependent on this promotion and growth but what if you don’t get it, will you not flourish? Will you be stuck to your present situation and designation? The answer is in affirmation.

The plight of Bonhomie:

Maternity leaves and benefits also bring lots of confusion, should I tell my boss or wait for a few more months, what would be his/her reaction, will he let me continue or ask me to resign, in fact recently there has been a query related to a similar dilemma. Read this….the plight of a lady…

I’ve a query regarding maternity benefit. I joined this company in Oct 2010, my probation is over & I’ve received my confirmation letter.
In Feb I told my manager about my pregnancy, but after that his behavior towards me changed, he says that I’m not focused in my work & he wants me to resign. I denied resigning as I said that I’m meeting up my KRA’s & this is not the actual reason.

I know that if I will resign I won’t be eligible for maternity benefit.
Please let me know if he terminates me would I be eligible for maternity benefit or not? Let me know what maternity benefit Act says in this case.”(Sic)

The fun of working in such companies then goes, when you deal with such situations, where after your efforts and performance also. You are being punished for no fault of yours!

And then I have experienced many females who couldn’t fully enjoy their golden period of motherhood.

Bid farewell and spill the beans:

Sitting anxiously for the exit interview, with a tsunami of thoughts, thumping of heartbeats, and mind wondering whether to disclose the agony of ridicule you have faced by the boss/co worker, or may be the environmental issue you have come across, the tyranny of leadership or any such concern.The question is to disclose it or not, as there are chances that the exit will become knotty with such loops that may not untie, also closing all the doors of communication and tryst.

But if you have a conscience why not open up in a positive manner and heave out the long faced anguish, may be the person who will replace you, will relish the autonomy.

There is a fabulous song also,

I’m free from the fear of tomorrow,

I’m free from the guilt of past

Hence just go ahead and deal with the dilemma and be a sport and let Hamlet deal with the quest of – To be or not to be………:)

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