Aesthetics in a retail store

The trend of Indian market has changed a lot in the past few decades. Earlier there were a few retail stores and the competition was not very tough amongst them, but the past couple of years were revolutionary for the Indian retail market and now there are hundreds of names involved in retail marketing. Many established brands and new names are trying their luck in retail marketing and companies are trying their best to capture the attention of potential clients and increase the sales.

One of the best ways to connect to your customers is to catch their attention. Provide perfect visual delight to your customers and convince them to at least check your store and products once. Retail stores are spending a good amount of money on visual merchandising; the better you project yourself the more desired attention you will get in return.

Atmospheric and aesthetic are two important elements of store interiors and almost all retail stores try to excel in these two elements. The concept of beauty and aesthetic sense is not only restricted to the display window, but the whole store is designed and organized in such a way that it meets the customers expectations and motivates them to explore more and find suitable products for themselves ending in sales. The mantra of success in retail marketing is largely decided by the aesthetic element of a store.

It is human nature to explore things that please the visual sense and retail stores are fully exploring this fact for improving their performance and sales. The atmospheric element includes light, color, music and scent of the retail store that will stimulate the customer’s response and will influence their buying behavior. Aesthetic element includes factors like size, color and texture within the store. If you are wondering how to give a perfect look to your retail store follow a few simple steps and make your retail outlet an interesting place for customers.

The mantra of success in retail marketing is to connect to your customers instantly and the window display is your first step to connect to your customers. While working on appearance and design of your retail store remember that if something catches your attention, it will surely catch a passer-by’s attention too. Think from the buyer’s point of view and display items suiting the buyer’s interest.  Improve your storefront; it should look appealing, promising and user-friendly. Make sure that inner section of your store’s interior is the extension of your storefront and it fulfills customer’s expectations.

Once your customer enters into the store make sure that you made the best use of the opportunity and show your best to allure the customer and inspire them to buy from the store. Create the right ambiance with perfect color, size, shape and design, it is very important to display the products at its best. Customers should get a full view of the store, leave enough space between two racks and utilize the connecting path from one section to other to display the best of both sections. Make sure that the products are displayed at appropriate height, there should be enough light so that the customers can get a better view of the product before buying it.  For clothing and accessory store it is essential to have enough number of trial rooms with proper light & air and an attendant to help the customers in choosing the items.

  • Be innovative in your approach. While working on the interior of your store make sure that aesthetics and atmosphere of the store is user-friendly and it does not hinder the movement and activities in the store.
  • Display your merchandise aesthetically and increase your sales, remember the more interestingly you present your product, the more attention it will gain. It is human tendency to appreciate beauty and attractiveness.
  • Being off the indent is good – care to be different to gain more footsteps to your store. Ask your employees to suggest innovative and witty ways to promote products in your store. That way you not only get a free creative team, you also keep your employees engaged. Many will pick up cues from what customers say about a product.
  • Know what’s in – and highlight them. It’s easy to keep a record of what the customers ask for – “Where’s the …”. These cues are important to know what’s selling these days – and once the customer is hooked – he/she will possibly buy more variety of products.
  • Big Bazaar and Hyper Market have achieved the eye catching displays. They also take care of how the goods sold are to be kept. For example, in Big Bazaar, Fruit Juices are kept on shelves which are continuously cooled to 7 degrees Celsius. In Hyper Market Rice and pulses are displayed in eye catching drums. Super Markets have displayed name plates in bold letters where an identical group of items are arranged and kept.

    With rising competition aesthetics have become more important today than they ever were.