Personality Profiling in Recruitment

Emerging Trends

In this article we are highlighting a few cases of Organizations, who have systematically refined their selection systems. According to the British Psychological Society, 80% of companies in the UK use personality profiling for all levels of recruitment. The trend is just as popular in the US. In India too, there is more than just a random interest in this area. While many organizations have systematically refined their selection systems over the years to incorporate a variety of tools specific to functions, levels, and roles, others are cautiously experimenting without venturing too deep.

The hiring process at LG Electronics is incomplete without psychometric assessment. The combination of MBTI, Belbin, Social Style Inventory, and FIRO – B helps them to identify traits like responsiveness, assertiveness, and target orientation at executive level and above. For workers Rorschach Ink Blot and hand exercises are used. The accuracy in interpretation is based on cross-testing and cross-validating scores across tests. A high score on one test does not always mean a high a high score on another test. For instance, a person who is target-driven may not be judgment-oriented. All entry level applicants at Oberoi center of Learning and Development go through the 16 PF and FIRO –B. The difference is that the test is given after the interview. The assessment of these tests is taken as a base to understand the strength and potential of the candidate.

Another believer in the power of 16PF is insurance major Max New York Life. The company uses the test to find out perso-nality factors like ability to handle risk, face failures, and accept rejections for insurance agents. On an average, 150 new agents come abroad every month. Profile matching makes the selection process convenient.

Unlike at the Oberoi, here the first level screening is through psychometric assessment. Candidates who do not comply with preferred standards are rejected irrespective of the relevance of their experience or work profile.

Wipro Ltd. in leadership roles, banks on PAPI (PA preference Inventory) for understanding a person’s strengths and providing feedback for coaching and counseling. Wipro chose to invest in comprehensive training for the entire HR team by sponsoring them for a five day technical program on PAPI. It is used as a tool for source of information, which the interviewing panel may not otherwise have had, instead of a sole predictor of future performance.

IOC uses 16 PF for selection at entry level. Hero Group of Companies has been using 16PF for selection for some years. They also use MBTI and FIRO –B.

The consensus seems to be that selection is only one part of the story. There’s whole world to be explored with psychometric assessment, so smarter organizations are going ahead full steam by exploiting the power of psychometric tools like 16 PF, MBTI, and PAPI to enrich the future of their employee’s work, lives, and careers.

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