Product design for consumer durables

The market of consumer durables and consumer items are always on a roll, everyday a number of products are launched to please the consumer class, but only a few of them are successful and are welcomed by the consumer with an open heart. It is a very common scene in shopping malls that a stall of  a particular brand is always crowded with consumers while their competitors hardly find any consumers for the same product.  It is the one of the biggest challenges for consumer durables to manufacture new products with better features, the market always asks for “What next”, it never considers old achievements. Once a company fails in providing a better product, another product manufacturer will come up with a superior product and will take its position.

Product Design of consumer durables should not only be appealing to the eye but must also have value for money and save cost in use. The design must be functional and easy to operate even by uneducated housewives.

In order to get recognized, designers resort to modular construction. Products are made mostly out of easily detachable sub assemblies or sections. When an item fails they take out the whole component of which it is a part, and put in a new component. Later they repair the removed unit or throw it away. Modular design is used extensively in computers. Besides, different combinations of modules give a variety of products. For instance, four dial shapes, four different colours, two dial movements and two dial sizes for each shape gives us 4X4X 2X2 X i.e. 64 varieties of wrist watches  still making standard modules in large volumes.

Have you ever wondered why one stall of a particular product by one company is always crowded with buyers and a stall of the same product from a different company hardly finds consumers for its products? The success of any product is largely decided by its utility, look and design, if a product fails to meet these factors it will not make a lasting impression on the consumer and will lose its consumer class. Many leading consumer item companies and consumer durable manufacturers are investing a good amount of time and money on product design. The market of consumer durables is highly competitive and each brand is providing its best, it is the excellence of the product that makes a particular product a brand and a trend setter.

The success of product is largely decided by its usability, durability and attractiveness. Whether you decide to buy a toaster, AC or a music system it is the features and look that help consumers in choosing a suitable item from a wide range of products. Product design is one of the major aspects of consumer items.  The market of consumer durables is on demand and the best example of evolution in product design is refrigerators. Every summer, a range of refrigerators is launched with better features and design. Modern refrigerators are far better than its predecessors. Now consumer durables are designed for consumers, special care is given to design and space so that the consumer can fully utilize it without facing any difficulty.

Product design is not just about the look or the appearance of the product but it is a combination of technology, craft and art. A quality product scores well in terms of aesthetic and utility. Earlier, products were designed just to meet the requirements but now products are designed in a manner so that the user could use it easily. Earlier in refrigerators, the vegetable section was placed at the lower side, and freezer was at the top but now the position is vice-versa as the vegetable tray is used more regularly than the freezer. Such changes in consumer durables or any kind of consumer items enhances its utility.

The market of consumer durables is very competitive, versatile and continuous improvements are the only way to remain in the market. Bulging television screens are replaced with flat screen, gramophones are replaced with DOLBY sound system and cars are now setting a new example of comfort and speed. In short, we can say that future of consumer durables market is largely decided by the product design. A product with innovative approach and user-friendly features will surely replace a less competitive product. Consumers are now looking for a better package, it is not just features that matter but it should be presented aesthetically and should be easy to use and maintain. People live a fast paced life, anything that requires a lot of time for maintenance or in using will automatically get replaced by a smarter product.

With the advent of latest technology and emerging concepts the picture of consumer durables has changed a lot. Guided by innovation and inspired by research and development product designs of consumer items has set a new trend in the market.