Brand Ambassador or Absconding Employee – Make a Choice

Alright,  given a choice which one will you pick out of these?

# An absconding employee

# A Brand Ambassador

Astounded!! What does an absconding employee have to do with a Brand Ambassador? What is the common platform here? Wait till you understand the entire thing, have you made your choice? I know most of us will select the second one…. and not because we want to be one too but then who would want to be an absconding employee? yet we end up doing the same… almost one query a day on the forum narrating the story of problems faced by both employers and employees. The newest being….

I got an experience letter from my ex-company mentioning my years of experience and designation and they have mentioned that as I was absconding hence was relieved from the services of the organization.

as per the company policy the employee has to serve a 30 days notice period in which I served zero days hence the short fall amount has been recovered.

…..right now am working in a different company on contract basis and they haven’t raised any issue about this certificate. Please let me know if this certificate is worth having and will it create serious issues in my career.

So here is another crisis one can face when you just scamper away without communicating to the employer, and in such cases what can be done? One cannot go back and discuss the matter, so you have a permanent fixture in your experience letter that you fled from your last employment.

We generally are of the view that only the employees suffer if they leave the company without any acquiescence or information, but we forget that the companies also have to deal with ‘waiting for them’ to close their accounts, no communication from employees keeps the organization in a stagger and so they are made to send legal notices and other similar stuff.

Absconding employees have to face the tyranny of not having an experience letter, relieving letter and also in some cases no salary or F&F. What benefit do you get by being absconding? Just one- that you did not serve the notice period, the importance of which has been also discussed by us in another article

Serving a notice period is not an intricate assignment chiefly when you have gained an experience of ‘n’ number of years in an organization. Even if you have dealt with some scuffles with your ex employer/boss, yet leaving them with a proper handshake is so much more beneficial, it not only provides for a positive reference but there are possibilities that you might meet your ex Boss/HR people somewhere else also. And once they know how professional you are it becomes all the more better for your career and progression.

Brand Ambassador

What is a Brand Ambassador? Ranbir Kapoor, endorsing the John Player Brand or Amitabh Bachchan endorsing Reid and Taylor? We can all do something like that for the companies we have been associated with once, but no don’t worry you don’t have to wear/carry their products to be the One. We can simply endorse them by moving on without any anarchy and pandemonium!

Being an emissary is possible from both sides, employers and employees, its in the hands of an employer too; how they utilize their ex-employees, for instance, when I left one organization we made sure that we would remain in touch, and till date they have done so, calling me once in a while for my assistance and suggestion on various issues and giving me information on what new products and services they are launching, which in turn genuinely makes me endorse them amongst my friends and family…and why not?

Being a Brand Envoy on the other side is a win-win situation for both, but now the question is, how can we give our backing to the brand/company once we decide to part ways…and the answer to that is- let’s just do it for old times’ sake. When you leave a company on a good note, the prospects of going back to them is also open, the world is small you never know where you land up one of these days. Not only this, but benefits of being an Emissary to your ex-employers are plenty.

So make a choice today for a lot of respite tomorrow…

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