Think Globally! [Video]

Dr. E.I. Goldratt ‘s theory of constraint is presented in this video not just to increase sales and manage supply chain , but to think of retrenchment differently.

Its interesting to note, how a doomsday is not actually one, when it is taken in a global perspective. The sudden drop or fall in the sales leads to a retrenchment and cost cutting. In case this is reflected upon in a larger way, it would actually prepare a company for greater growth. The supply chain which shares vital information can be coupled with a study on GDP to predict the accurate increase in demand. The business intelligence can be used to identify the exact number of months for production to start in full swing. Would you involve a similar pattern at your work place to manage surplus talent? Please share your experiences while handling a situation such as this.

Please watch this video before you retrench ! Think Globally

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     Done great job Nabomita … really nice .

  • Thankyou @ab846090c051f2afc01aaccd53f542a2:disqus  glad you liked it. You made my day!

  • Pradnya Kakade

    Nice.. this really leave us thinking that one should be proactive and forecast accurately rather than just being reactive

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    good one.