Electronic devices and their care

The electronic devices are now a daily operational items at work be it computers or cell phones or digital instruments or simple calculators. Any errors developed in these may result in immense loss of materials, production or sales due to incorrect costing or decision making information.

Any season in countries like India is time to gear to deal with the moisture, heat and dust. In summer, electronic devices could behave erratically due to overheating. Batteries might stop working, LCD screens could act up, and Laptops could stop working altogether. To avoid such problems, there are a few precautions that can be taken which we are mentioning in the ensuing paragraphs. These will ensure electronic devices and other hardware easily pass the all season test.

LCD screens: Small gadgets like cell-phones are prone to damage from direct sunlight. Internal circuitry may not blow up, but there are chances that the screen might get damaged. This could happen if the screen area located is exposed to direct sunlight. There is a possibility that the user might accidentally expose cell-phone to direct sunlight say, by leaving the cell-phone on the dashboard of car, or while walking outdoors with the device in your hand.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might damage the LCD crystals on phone’s display. This will cause poor color reproduction in the long run.

Likewise if the gadgets are exposed to moisture during monsoons the entire circuitry may get affected and give out erroneous signals.

To avoid this, keep the cell phone in a pouch while outdoors. Or one could also apply a protective covering on the screen. Again, avoid using laptops in direct sunlight for prolonged periods to avoid damage to the screen.

Batteries: Cell-phone batteries have become an area of concern after reports of batteries exploding surfaced from various parts of the world. During summer, there are chances that your cell-phone battery could overheat. Therefore, avoid charging your phone continuously for more than three hours — never keep it for charging overnight. In monsoons one must ensure charging arrangement is located in the office or house fairly at a dry place to avoid moisture. Otherwise moisture may render the batteries in operative.

If you do not intend to use your battery –powered devices such as cell-phone or MP3 player for a long period, it is advisable to remove the battery and store it separately. As for laptops, remove the battery pack from the laptop if you do not intend to use it for a long period of time.

Dust and poor ventilation: Dust is notorious for blocking areas meant for ventilation and this in return could cook your PC or laptop. To avoid dust from getting the better of the system, clean the insides of computer cabinet regularly with a tiny brush.

Laptops cool themselves by throwing hot air from inside with the help of tiny fans located around the periphery. Some times dust get collected in the openings and this can hamper internal cooling, causing the laptop to shutdown due to overheating. To avoid this, simply clean the area with a small brush.

To keep laptop fit during summer you could even consider buying a laptop cooling pad or external cooling fans. A waterproof zip bag type enclosure may help in monsoon when the laptop is not in use and being carried from place to place.

Power requirements: If you have lots of hardware (multiple DVD drives, graphics cards, hard drives) installed in PC, make sure to have a high wattage power supply unit. This will ensure that all the devices get adequate power. A weak power supply might stop working if overloaded and this could damage computer’s hardware. If power supply unit (PSU) stops working while working on PC, the critical hardware could get damaged. Hard disk drives might develop bad sectors if shut down abruptly.

To help PC keep its cool in summer one can install extra cooling fans in the cabinet that can be set to pull out the hot air. These fans are easy to install, can be powered by existing power supply and can be purchased for a small amount.

The computer’s main power cord must be removed out of the socket if the PC is not likely to be used for a long period of time. A UPS helps in protecting hardware by providing uninterrupted power in the case of a power outage. It is always safer to invest in UPS and have a back up.

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