Mass Communication

Mass communication has emerged as one of the most preferred career option amongst the youth. Gone are the days when MBBS and B.Tech were considered the only choice for a better career. Now, the youth are more practical, they are ready to break the old set rules and are not afraid of experimenting. The field of mass communication is very alluring. It not only promises a bright career with a good package but it is also opens up avenues for different sectors. A graduate from mass media can build his or her career in television, newspaper, public relation, radio and in the advertisement sector. Few decades back mass communication was not very popular due to limited job opportunities but now the increasing number of entertainment, sports, adventure and news channels, magazines and newspapers has made this field very alluring for young graduates.

Unlike MBBS or engineering studies where book knowledge is the sole factor to make an individual successful in the profession, mass media students are judged on several factors. An individual with a complete personality can be successful in this career. Though the field of journalism was always popular but with the increasing number of colleges imparting mass communication degrees it has become popular even in the rural parts of the society. Fresh graduates from different parts of the country belonging to a different section of the society are pursuing mass communication courses.

The course of mass communication is also known as communication studies, communication science, media studies, communication, arts and media ecology. Mass media is a very popular subject all over the world and India is no exception. The past few decades have seen big changes in the Indian society and most of them were directly or indirectly influenced by media. The media has become a source of entertainment, news and awareness. It is one of the fields where people can relate themselves and examine the consequences of their action and reaction. The field of mass media attracts youth as it offers a better salary, high-profile job, work satisfaction and diversity in jobs. Now young graduates consider mass communication as a better career option for a better future.

The course of mass communication is offered at a different level. You can choose diploma, graduate degree or post-graduation in the field of mass media depending on your previous qualification and requirement. There are many universities and colleges (private and government aided) providing degree and diploma in mass media study.

According to the report of FCCI the industry of entertainment is growing with the annual growth rate of 19%, it is one of the fastest growing industries with lots of potential. The growing number of news channel, entertainment channel has made this industry promising for young and fresh graduates. Mass communication is not just a subject offering better career but it is the backbone of the society and it reflects the character of the society. It is a very promising field; it gives you a chance to be the change you want to see in other people or in the society.

There are no special qualifications required to be successful in this field but this field suits active, outgoing and friendly people. The job of mass media is more about interaction and communicating with a larger group of people.

Mass communication opens the door of communication between different sections of society. Public sector, government sector, business, sports, medical world all explore the platform of mass media to exchange information and maintain the equilibrium among different aspects of the society. Mass media plays a very crucial role in bringing the hidden face of truth.

Media has touched every aspect of life and the career in mass media gives a chance to expand your horizon, observe the broader perspective of the situation and bring the best out from everything.

Knowledge and education in any subject always help in understanding the concepts of the subject. If you want to fully learn the inside out of mass communication it is advised that you pursue the mass media study course from a good institute or college and know the intricacies of the subject. Guidance from experienced teachers will give you a better insight on the subject and will help you in exploring the full aspect of the subject theoretically as well as practically.

One of the best ways to choose your college for mass media study is to search on the internet, browse study programs and other useful information regarding courses and then choose wisely. The subject promises a better future and a promising career.