A Session on Corporate Strategy for Management Professionals across Levels

Dr. Ranjan Das, addressed a session on Strategy & Tactics of building a Corporate Career, on More Than HR, event in Pune. It focused on how Corporate strategy when learnt can be contributed and implemented. Dr. Das is a noted Management Guru and Prof. of Strategy, at IIM Calcutta and Chief Mentor to The Strategy Org. His message was aimed to strategise the career for HR Professionals. He focused on how as an individual we can implement strategy irrespective of our roles and position.

He stressed that , one doesn’t require to be a CEO to be able to think strategically and implement measures for the betterment of the firm. In his lecture he shared how Human Resource contributes to the organization’s decision making  and revenue generation. The paradigm shift from cost centre to profit centre would accentuate when every activity is measured with the cost benefit ratio. The future of Human Resource lies in attenuation of metrics owned and implemented by every HR. The learning gained through work and daily professional interaction requires to be directed to the informational framework, that can build our business intelligence. Most of the HR contribute with the operational activity. Business intelligence requires to be instilled on the experiences gained through them.

He spoke on his initiative to groom professionals for strategy at their existing roles. Dr. Das is the chief mentor to The Strategy Org. This is a unique initiative to educate and groom the professionals by the business leaders such as CHRO and CEO across the world. The difference lies in the delivery as the professionals get to interact with these stalwarts from their respective locations. These programs are offered as live sessions through satellite based transmission, which gives the learners a real-time advantage without any hassles of travelling. These sessions can be accessed by a laptop and an internet connection giving the best flexibility to the learners. The best part is the course requires the learners to solve at least eight strategic problems faced in their current workplaces. This ensures full returns on the investment of attention made by the learners. The  leaders involved with this program would support to solve these strategic issues for the learners.

Here’s a sneak peak to what Dr. Das conveyed during the interview. HR Professionals need to understand strategy through the eyes of the business. Professionals require relevant education which can be categorized as Business education when triggered the learner is an entrepreneur or an aspiring business man. Management education is required by the  professional who would lead the business for others.

Watch his interview Dr. Ranjan Das – Interview

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