Recognition- A must have tool

“Flowers blossom in grand style even when there is no one to admire their beauty. Let’s continue our good work honestly even if nobody recognizes us”

Such words are fantasy now, as the reality is far from this, as more and more companies are keen on having best of the best recognition strategies, it has become quite evident in recent times that such quotes are given no value, let the flower blossom in grand style but our employees’ motivation and morale is so shallow that it needs constant reinforcement.

No, the idea is not to dissuade you all from recognizing the efforts of employees or demeaning the value of recognition but inviting a healthy debate as to why so much importance is being given to recognizing the efforts when you have a good compensation package, healthy work environment and other such things to support the employees. Isn’t it like offering a bribe in exchange for good work?or getting the work done by fulfilling the conditions in a trade.

In fact, there are some managers who erroneously consider that veiling things under the counter is an apposite way to deal with intricate issues. Such Managers are of the view that the employees who remain in their jobs are blessed to be employed, so if they are given additional responsibilities, they must simply accept them or risk being terminated from the so called blessed jobs and yes, you all must have noticed that this may technically be true; but it is also an insensitive way of treating employees.

There are many studies and research which are evident to show how recognition has become an important tool for the morale of the employees. A similar recent study conducted by the Gallup organization found that employee recognition was one of the 12 key dimensions of great a workplace.

Fortune magazine recently featured the “100 Best Companies to work for in America,” based on the information collected by Hewitt Associates.   According to Hewitt Associates, “the 100 Best are all leaders in their own right when it comes to employee recognition.”

People want to be recognized for their hard work and efforts.  By recognizing peoples’ efforts, ardor and hard work, companies are creating an impervious strength and synergy that inexorably impels the success of any company.

Dr. David G. Javitch states that there are six steps that a company can take to motivate its employees. They are:

# staying gracious

# providing clear leadership

# remaining empathic

# showing responsibility

# communicating openly

# recognizing actions

It seems that a great deal of motivation for workers revolves around maintaining effective communication between the boss and the employee. A person needs to feel like the company listens to their concerns and cares. We still give a lot of importance to recognition and clearly ignore the other significant motivational tools.

By creating an environment where all recognition is not unvarying – and executives commend a job well done ‘on the spot’, the key here is timing. When there is a raison d’être for praising someone don’t put it off for any reason! Celerity equals effectiveness. Praise people when the achievement is fresh on everyone’s mind. Leadership can pervade pride in their organizations and make people feel good about the work they do.

Applauding is another form of effective recognition, be in meetings, conferences of the night of Star of the Month..the reward in hand may not be of as much value as the applaud in front of the peers and subordinates not to forget the gracious seniors.

Getting noticed, recognized and appreciated is the key, this is how our minds are conditioned, and even at home we gift a bicycle if our child gets 90% marks….. give a saree on diwali to the house maid and she will be more loyal to you….budgets are of no importance here, a simple thank you, a pat on the back or just a gesture such as Adi Godrej having lunch in the office canteen with the employees…..and the best thing is it costs nothing. It’s free but still it brings many benefits. ;)

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