Power of Team Work

The power of two is always more than one, since our childhood we are taught the importance of team and united effort. Big organizations always lay heavy emphasis on team building and almost all the leaders share their success on the work front with their team mates. Such is the power of team wok that it can make a tough task easier. People often talk about the team and the usefulness of them but few know how to build a successful team. To be a part of team and to play your contribution successfully in a team effort it is a must to understand the objectives of the organization.

Success or failure of a team effort is equally shared by all the team members. One of the biggest characteristic features is that all members work for the same goal and each member knows his role in any given situation. When more number of people put their best to achieve something common it automatically becomes something substantial and meaningful. A good team always works in great synchronization and it is the team spirit that makes a particular task easy for any team. A team can achieve its goal only if each member of the team know their part and play their role with full sincerity. The purpose of team is to fully explore the available human resource to get the most of them and achieve bigger objectives that are not attainable by individuals on their own. Team effort increases efficiency, it saves time and resources as well.

It is a known fact that to achieve something big and significant we have to work in a group and it is always the team effort that gets success in achieving bigger goals and objectives for the organization. Executives try different methods from time to time to motivate the people and inspire them to give their best in a team effort. It is the responsibility of an executive to diagnose the team from time to time and introduce team improvement efforts for a better outcome. To get the most from your team it is very important to provide your team a clear goal. Teams that work in doubt always miss the goal whereas a team which is sure about its context and know the expectations always give their best.

The success of a team is largely decided by the vision of the leader. If the leader knows the expectations and motivates its team members in the right direction then no task is a tough task for the team. It is very important to clearly convey to the team the objective of the task; unless and until the team members are aware of their role and objectives they will not be able to give their best.  The team should know its role and importance in the accomplishment of an objective.

The success of any team task is largely decided by the commitment level of its members. Your team members should value the importance of a given task and should play their part with full sincerity without having any doubt of its purpose or success. A committed team can achieve impossible dreams but a team that lacks vision and commitment can lose even the most fruitful opportunity.

A team that has competent members can achieve the objectives easily in comparison to those who lack competency and show a laid back attitude in any given situation. It is the responsibility of the team members to come forward with their own vision and skills to solve any given problem and synchronize it with the vision of the team for faster and better results.

A team that is tightly bound and controlled will not be able to give its best, it is very important to practice control intelligently so that team members will know their role and responsibility in achieving any goal. A team that is controlled smartly will achieve its goal in a given timeframe without wasting their resources. It is the quality of control that decides the excellence in achievement. Team members should understand their responsibility and accountability. Self management is necessary for the success of team effort.

A team that fails to build effective communication with its members and authority will never be successful in its long term goals. It is very important to follow a healthy communication practice. For better optimization of information it is very important to communicate smartly with the concerned authority and the team members.

A team with creative and innovative vision can come up with a better solution and a good team leader always motivates its team members to come forward with an innovative and unique problem solving approach.

Teams should always support innovative and creative approach. New ideas and unique thinking motivate people to come out with a better solution and good leaders always support their team members for innovative thinking.

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