Avoid the Trap – Weigh Your Alternatives

A point of cross roads or a dilemma, you can call it any name. Choosing an option, whether to follow your boss after he has decided to call it off with the present company while quietly extending an offer your way to join them in their next venture or to stay put. Its tough to take a call here but if you brood over this profoundly you may get the answers you are looking for.

Consider thoughts like, do you enjoy working for them? Which is the most important question of moving with him/her to a new job? If you don’t like working for them then switching jobs will not improve your work environment or working conditions. If you do enjoy working with your present boss, then that is a positive reason to move, but remember if you don’t like working for him, just because he has a new job doesn’t mean his personality will change or his work ethics.

Sometimes we consider this as a safe bet and move on but how many times do we consider a question. What am I moving for? Is there anything for me in this shift or its just an unadorned option of following blindly?

Ensure you are not losing your identity in the course of such an action; the relationship you share today may turn sour tomorrow and then what? Weigh your options in a manner that will bring fruits for you in the long term.

Think about responsibilities, your role, the company and brand name( if you are interested in that), the freedom of thoughts to work, creativity factor, your dignity in the due course, the relationship you share and if this is what you planned for your self or not? Sometimes, though we get attracted towards the monetary benefits we fail to realize that the new role may not fit us but only be conducive to our bosses.


  • The boss knows you well, and the gelling obviously will pay a crucial role in working together in the new assignment also. How to capitalize on your strengths and weaknesses is the boss’s job and if (s) he is good at that then why not?
  • It is wise in some cases to shift, chiefly when you know that this is how you get better opportunities and this person can actually guide you towards the right direction. The faith in your mentor if you consider them one is the key in situations like that. Once you plan your move, don’t look back for any reasons of regret.
  • Better & superior opportunities await you on the other side, most of the times this is what happens if the move is planned as your boss has obviously moved for a higher package, a larger role and enriched responsibilities, the bigger his pie the chances are you are going to get the large chunk of the pie as his/her pet.


Following him/her sometimes is like being a shadow…and not actually looking for your own growth.

  • Sometimes, an employee is just left to being a dummy and then these people don’t enjoy the stint by following their bosses. Low respect, no dignity and other similar factors come in the way of success then and the bell of regret is all that rings in the mind.
  • Most of the time the Boss is moving for his own benefit, and on his own conditions, if you think that they match with you then go ahead but if not then discourage your thoughts of going on with him especially if you have no other motive than just being an acquaintance to your boss.
  • Once you ponder on the reasons you may realize that staying back may offer a better opportunity, you might end up in the same position as a successor, which  might not be the case if you follow.

Here is the self confessed real story of agony of following blindly,

I am working with the same Boss for the last 6 years. I have been with him in the last 3 companies. Now due to the long relationship he has started taking me for granted.
Some of the important points I am narrating below:

1. No exposure to senior management
I am in the current company since the last 3 years and all theese 3 years he has stopped me from interacting with the senior management of the company. Whatever I am doing as my job role; He shows to the top bosses as if he has done them. He stops me from talking & mailing to them. He manages region & I am handling location but he stops me from interacting with my counterparts even at the location level.

2. Harassment assuming he is the Godfather for me
Due to the long relationship he has started taking me for granted, he harasses me like anything. No leaves, No Saturday offs, unnecessary work pressure. The way he interacts with me & my counterparts is totally different where in he insults me in front of my counterparts & team mates. He thinks I don’t have any option other than him.

3. Dual reporting problem
Due to structure change now, I am reporting to 2 bosses (Old one & new One (Business Head)). Actually my Old boss is VP & New Boss is SVP. Old boss stops me from interacting, sharing data, coordinating with him. Due to which new boss thinks I am a bit reserved towards him. He tells me don’t interact with him as I have done everything here for 3 years and this guy is trying to take the credit where as on the other hand he himself interacts with him and shows him the picture that he is doing everything in my location.

4. No decision making powers
He has not given me any decision making powers so far. Whenever any approval of my level comes in; He stops me from making any decision giving the reason of lack of experience for the same.

Changing to a new job without a lot of pondering and honest soul-searching can sometimes be the best thing you could do for your career. So please ensure you don’t fall in the trap where the piece of cheese is bigger but not tasty.

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