Implementation of Career plans

Career planning may start during the performance appraisal. At that time, the person’s growth and development should be discussed. Career goals and personal ambitions can be considered, in selecting and promoting and in designing training and development programs.

Development of contingency plans:

Career plans are developed in an environment of uncertainty, and the future cannot be predicted with great accuracy. Therefore, contingency plans based on alternative assumptions should be prepared. While one may enjoy working for a small, fast-growing venture company, it may be wise to prepare an alternative career plan based on the assumption that the venture may not succeed.

Monitoring Progress:

Monitoring is the process of evaluating progress toward career goals and making necessary corrections in the aims or plans. An opportune time for assessing career programs is during the performance appraisal. This is the time not only to review performance against objectives in the operating areas but also to review the achievement of milestones in the career plan. In addition, progress should be monitored at other times, such as at the completion of an important task or project.

Dual-Career couples:

An effective career strategy requires that consideration be given to the career of the spouse. Dual-career couples, with both partners working, sometimes have to make very stressful choices. For examples, if both partners have successful careers, the opportunity for a promotion that requires relocation is a particularly painful decision. Merrill Lynch relocation management, Inc., conducted a survey of 600 major companies and found that 60% of relocations involved dual-career couples. It has been estimated that in future the figure will go up.

Some companies are accommodating the special needs of dual-career couples by having a flexible approach to transfers that involve relocation, considering the needs of both partners in career planning, helping to find employment for the spouse either within the company or outside, and providing maternity leave and day-care services for children. With the large number of married women in the work force, an increasing number of companies have recognized the stressful situation of dual-career couples and implemented more flexible policies, career planning, personal selection, placement, and promotion.

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