Commitment and integrity at Work

A Chartered accountant and Company Secretary by qualification Mr.C, a CEO and Customer Service Associate of a leading Telecom company has made steady progress in his career because of his commitment and long term vision. He has worked with a leading textile group for 13 years and three years with an ISP organization. It’s been six years since he’s working with the present organization.

Working in any organization an employee is entrusted with responsibility and one of the most important aspects of being successful is to be committed and have integrity while carrying out the job tasks.

At a conscious level one need to think that he is the owner of that particular department or assignment that has been given. This will make an employee perform better. Once he starts looking at the work as his own, the output of that job will be the best.

Do not look at any job as a short term opportunity because when one does that, then he tends to compromise on long term issues. When one realizes that the job is a long term opportunity, his way of working changes and he can make the most of the job he has right now. Thus it can lead to more opportunities and better success.

There’s a narrow gap between the way one talk and walks. Narrower the gap, higher will be the chances of people trusting. When the behavior at work is like walking the talk, the team trusts you better. Therefore earn your trust by being truthful to the system and the rest of the things will then follow.

Each of the words ‘Right Way’ means something and it is important in any profession. This can be interpreted as,

‘R’ stands for righteousness Scriptures talk about it and in modern language, it means integrity. Being righteous is the kind of life every manager should live.

I stands for intellect. Many a times you tend to distance yourself from your education. It is important to look at any problem with certain amount of intellect. It is one of the important factors of being successful.

H stands for happy. You should be happy with the kind of job you are doing. Always look at the happier side. And if you look for it, you will find it.

T stands for being tactful. Don’t be political but be tactful, especially in the times of appraisals or signing deals etc.

W stands for desire to create and share wealth. You should not just earn wealth for yourself but also share it with those who are not so privileged.

A stands for ambitious. It is essential for one to be ambitious in order to be successful. Ambition works as a fire to drive you to- greater heights.

Y stands for yearn to learn. Throughout life one can learn things from many people, namely boss, the sweeper, the security guard, etc. One should always look for opportunities to learn.

Success itself is a subjective issue. There is no specific formula for it. No matter if you are the CEO, MD or the president of a company, it is important to be humble. All needed even from a CEO is to have the humility and that he is just one more position higher up in the company and that the only difference is that you have a lot of responsibility. Every individual who is in a managerial position should know that it is important to be on the ground. Or else, you tend to create distances between the people and yourself in the organization.