Ignorance is Not Bliss

Yes, the famous quote which is a fraction of the poem does not say so, the one who created  has something else in his mind for sure or he may not be an employee in today’s organisation, where you just cannot afford to be oblivious of certain things which has its own implications on our professional lives and sometimes personal too. Ignoring a work problem doesn’t make it go away any more than turning off the TV lowers the murder rate.

How many times we have over looked problems related to our subordinates, be it their behavior and attitude, work related problems and so on and then later when it came back to us in some other form chiefly attrition we always felt the gust. Then why not learn some lessons and give some importance to some areas which if ignored will not be Bliss…

Bonds are illegal:

Slavery in other forms is back in India, in fact I think it never left us and now many organizations are still following with a new name Bond (no not James Bond) service bond.

What you all should Know:

Section 5 of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976.

Section 5 : Agreement, custom, etc., to be void.- On the commencement of this Act, any custom or tradition or any contract, agreement or other instrument (whether entered into or executed before or after the commencement of this Act), by virtue of which any person, or any member of the family or dependant of such person, is required to do any work or render any service as a bonded labourer, shall be void and inoperative.

PF is your right:

Once you leave the company employer has no right to impede your PF, they can repudiate to sign on the form or delay it unnecessary for harassment but the verity is they have no control on PF.

What you should know:

There are measures that can be followed to get the amount transferred to your new account. When a member finds difficult to get the form attested by the employer, he can get the attestation on form 19 and 10 c from any of the following officers & send it to the Provident Fund office :

Manager of a bank.
By any gazetted officer.
Member of the Central Board of Trustees./ committee/ Regional Committee (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization).
Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public.

Apart from withdrawal and transfer, an employee should know about what is the percentage of contribution of both the employee and the employer.

Pay slips/Salary slips are mandatory

Companies do not issue salary slips and you accept the employment offer without giving much significance, in fact discounting its importance and eventually while changing jobs or applying for a loan when they need the instrument in question, which is missing and then nothing can be done about that.

What you should know:

Issue of wages slips is mandatory under the Minimum Wages Act1948. If the establishment is covered under this Act then wages slips are to be issued to the employees a day prior to the disbursement of wages. The wages slips are to be signed by the pay-in charge. Work of issuance of these slips is to be seen by the HR department as the work relates to implementation of labour laws.

In case the establishment is not covered under this act, it is beneficial to provide pay slips for a lot of reasons.

Maternity benefit cannot be denied:

If you are fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria for applying for Maternity Benefit in an organization, the employer cannot deny that.

Knowing about certain laws actually helps you draft your future course of action in a proper manner, there are many queries on the forum, regarding the same from dismissal during pregnancy to leaves during maternity. It is really empirical to know the laws concerning situations one can come across.

Do some reSEARCH on our citehr forum, and you can get a lot of information regarding the same, in fact the whole Maternity Benefit Act is there. Just put some effort and search.

Termination of employment without following procedure is considered as breach of contract:

The company has right to terminate the employees after complying with various provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act. On the other hand, termination without following the provisions, such as seeking prior permission from the government, issuing (written) notice to the employees etc, will be treated as illegal.

Terminating an employee: They should be given notice of the intention of the company to terminate him with reasons thereof. Termination for misconduct requires service of charge sheet and conduct of domestic enquiry etc.

These are just few of the things you should be sentient of, the list is long, but the message that we sought to put across is apparent and precise..  IGNORANCE isn’t Bliss!

Can you challenge your employer at the Court of law if you were terminated for
"I was a top performer till I used the Open-Door. Things went nasty, so I
Non performance, disciplinary issues, company in loss, behavioral issues or just ‘want to get rid
"I am working in a manufacturing industry as a Sr. HR Officer. I have recently
"I am a quality in-charge in an electronics manufacturing services( EMS). I am still considered

  • Umesh.G.Chavan

    It is a excellent article. Many of the employees are unaware of the legalities..
    One question can the company deduct the companies share of PF from the employees salary?


    Good Article  for HRPersons. They must not act lime Mother-in -Law ,Every Bond is a Bondage rather Bandage!
    Congrats Author.

    Dr. H.K.LsakshmanRa0
    hklrao @gmail.com

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi @gotudada:disqus first of all thank you very much for taking time out to read and appreciate our efforts…Now coming to your question, during negotiation we should ask the employer if they are including employer’s share in CTC or not..their share should be over and above what you want to take home. It has become a general practice all over, b’coz we employee do not question them and once the salary comes to us..we feel cheated. So it is always better to ask this question upfront during finalization go compensation.. 

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thank you again Dr.@0aaa916820ae1181ec98f1bed6586ad9:disqus .. I feel blessed when our efforts are appreciated..especially comments from seniors like you.. Thanks again..:)

  • Many times during years in Corp. management I have observed a number of times where managers over looked issues related to our subordinates such as “behavior and attitude, work related problems.” The top managers almost always face these issues head on and resolve them,


    Excellent…..  It is worth to read……. One should know all above mentioned to protect ourselves.


  • Navaneethag

    Thank you for educating us with your valuable inputs.

  • Tanyusha

    These are the basic things which should be known to all employees….
    But I sm sure many of them would be unaware of the same.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi @4ab758fc974cd9aeb4def2a7eaff0de4:disqus , it it true that issues related to attitude and behavior are ignored, but here we are trying to inform employees about the basic things they should be aware of while working in companies today…

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thank you @1236f9ffc9e781713d313b8e1da9a560:disqus  it would be great if you all can share some insights with us also….Thanks again..:)

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    Dear @67ba10e4331817aeb50d41251c9613e3:disqus I really hope it will be of use to all of us..thank you for appreciating the efforts…:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Dear @ca6d737c36fae01d9ab27709bb0359b7:disqus Yes, very well agreed that these are basic things, and still we are not aware of many such things which can protect us. Hope this effort will be of help to employees…:)

  • NC Sinha

    ‘Its folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss’. This is what the poet had said. 

  • Nsisodiya S Sisodiya

    what is Superannuation ?

  • Asim Kumar Ghosh

    Extremely Informative in a nutshell.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thank you Mr. @94c707cbe60f2f50724301bbb871d637:disqus ..The poet is Thomas Grey, but most of the time we just tend to use, Ignorance is bliss as idiom also…

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thank you @1fad52803a45ec406b79209f10cf822b:disqus …hope it will be of use.

  • Arvind Bhargava

    Excellent information for all the readers.

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    good for awarness

  • NC Sinha

    Superannuation means 1)  ‘monthly payment made to a retired person’; 2)  an outdated property and 3) discharging a person having attained a particular age, usually 60 in our country. 

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks @b57225e82f6978649d96d6bd4f16cf90:disqus …

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks you @05c48857140887a238fb4c72c7e453af:disqus …

  • Satish Pande

    Excellent article, good guidance for freshers who get bogged down when companies ask them to sign a bond; and also what they must know before joining a company, should be posted on notice board in every management institute.

  • Rashmi Gy

    its really good information

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thank you @f09d9c85062890c0b829d815edda2d97:disqus very well said, but many Business school supports signing such bonds in the name of providing placements to students….the information mentioned above will also be useful for experienced professionals also….

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks @6d3c70b88321cb0fb1de91600ee9ec2d:disqus ..keep reading…

  • Kamal Chauhan

    Wow…..that’s so amazing info…thanks so much.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing against bonds, as they give a sense of comfort to a firm as well as to students. It works both ways. I was referring to the unnecessary apprehension some students have regarding the bonds and avoid grabbing the chance due to ignorance..

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi @SatishPande:disqus I opine that if bonds are fair..then there is no problems which is rarely the case…we see many such queries now a days in forum about how employers make them bondage….with couple of lakhs for 2 years…and so on. how this system is different then the traditional system…. Retention and security comes from good working conditions and practices….:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hey @74706758d4595fcb1c4615d2e807683a:disqus thank you so much…:)

  • Jnzjacob

    Most of the areas discussed here were unknown to me. Thank you so much.

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    Hey @26ed8f9580c2fdad744e61c00d93529c:disqus …This article is especially for people like you…:) and i’m glad that you actually accepted that also…all the information will surely be of help…Keep sharing and reading

  • Brajesh Sinha

    A very informative article.Thanks!
    -Brajesh Sinha

  • Prakash

    Good Article, sure this awareness is a must for any employee as much as their core skills for which they are getting employed.I am not sure if anything is there that protects employers opportunistic behavior of employees. I have a feeling that the employment contracts (worded like bonds) are in place so that the employers don’t get shortchanged by short-term gain seeking employees. Would like to know your view of the other side of stody.

  • Onkar Akhanda

    Very good an article.

  • Dr DigantaThakuria

    My wife had signed a bond with the meghalaya govt. (a compulsion in the state) on entering as a medical student to do 5yrs rural practice or pay Rs. 10 lakh (For that she received stipend of total 35,000 over the 6 yrs of studies).
    So, after finishing studies, naturally it was a blow to our plans (professional and personal) as after 11yrs (6+5 yrs) post 12th standard, it calls for lots of sacrifices as she has to be out in the hills managing a health facility (not speaking of the lack of facilities and security concerns here), cant take care of her retired mother, cant come to meet my family, cant think of persuing further studies as another such bond will be catastrophic.
    I dont know much about law (our medical curriculum seriously needs a makeover as we are assumed to know about law, management and public health even though not taught any) or any supreme court ruling against such bonds as some of my friends say. Anyway we are about to start a life at 30 now but i feel there has to be a look from our perspective too as, after being the best of students for 20-25 yrs, doctors are very often underpaid, overworked, given very difficult working environment and facilities, and given tasks beyond their capacity.

    Thank you for the article you provided; but i would also ask you to provide anything more if possible as nowhere in the country are doctors’ unions (except maybe in delhi) and every doctor has to fight his own battle. And it does not help when some try to take up unfair means, which brings bad name to the fraternity and difficulties to people who are admirably doing their jobs.

  • Vijaykrishan22

    ITs nice to see about our own rights .

  • NC Sinha

    You were made to sign this bond under duress. You can always repudiate it at any stage. No doubt, getting relief from courts is a cumbersome process besides being expensive. But then the Govt. of Meghalaya has committed fraud on you. You must challenge it in a court of law. This is exploitation of the worst kind because it forces you to a life  you did not choose on your volition. This militates against your fundamental right to life as well. You have a very good case and you should fight it out. Sad part of it all is that we are living in a country where our rights are not honoured or respected. Therefore you have to fight. No choice. In most of cases of atrocities/exploitation our governments are the villains.

  • Esspb14

    Great Article! Ignorance is not bliss for sure


    I understand that most of the companies eventhough they know the procedures and benefits under the Act, they deny in granting to the employees.  This has to be seriously viewed by the concerned authorities.