R.S.V.P. – Respond Please!!

“Respondez s’il vous plait” a French phrase which means Please respond or respond please….It seems you all are wondering why we are discussing RSVP in this forum??

Haven’t we been taught that communication is a two way process, and it attains completion when the receiver sends the information back to the sender, isn’t it? Aren’t these two things related? Expecting a response (RSVP) to know the headcount (approximate) at parties or at a marriage? And how many of us do that? We hardly ever communicate back to the people who invited us, this is a common phenomenon in the West; actually it’s like practicing proper procedures.

Let’s see how we carry out this practice of ‘Please Respond’ at workplace, or let’s say in an uncomplicated language how many times do we complete the process of communication?

Instance One: The entire team knows there is a problem somewhere, but there is hardly a dialogue over that problem during the meeting. Reason can be numerous but the concern is just trouncing in the bags or closet. Hallways, water cooler tête-à-tête will have names of such people and issues clearly been conferred, but where it should be talked about, you will see managers, team leaders and other employees clearly avoiding it, some due to the fear of losing job or some due to trepidation of not confronting their seniors.

Please respond and discuss the issue, isn’t it how good leaders and managers communicate??

Instance two: Vivek, has been anxiously waiting for the outcome of the interview (for the position of General Manager- Marketing) in Company A; such protracted wait is making him more anxious as already it has been more than 3 weeks, consultant was very affirmative about the entire episode but the call has not come so far. Before he really gets perturbed, he decided to take up another job with some other company. It may not be a loss for any of them, but then the image he will carry about company A will surely go around through word of mouth.

Here again, the company failed to complete the cycle of communication and the words please respond are just hanging in the air.

Instance three: This case talks about an employee who has been harassed for almost a year for a letter of confirmation, which he needed desperately to get some loan from the bank. Every time he sent a mail to the HR department asking for the same, the buck was passed saying that no information has come from the Head of the Department. All mails to him (THE HOD) also could not resolve the issue and the pressed time lines for getting the loan also troubled this employee. The employee made up his mind to depart from the company.

The request of such nature fell on deaf ears of the HR department and the organization, the result- loss of a talented employee. What is wrong in responding, providing feedback or just communicating by any means or mode of communication to complete the communication process? The solution- Respond please.

Instance four: The tedious cycle of performance appraisal is over, forms submitted, ratings given, performance evaluation done, and now the process is nearing an end with giving appraisal letters and raise. The letters come to you through a peon or may be your team leader/supervisor and with just “congratulations” it is handed over to you. No more comments, no recommendations, no other talks, no feedback given; Wow!! Is this what appraisals are all about? This is what an employee expects at the end of the cycle?? Ask yourself, you have all the answers, just try wearing that shoe..it will surely pinch…

There have been many such instances; we come across everyday at the workplace and most of the time the problem usually pertains to “Respondez s’il vous plait”.

Communication is an integral part of any system or organization but still our managers/ leaders fail to walk the talk, you will hear a new jargon related to this every other day be it empathy, feedback, business communication, effective communication and what not, but when it comes to setting a right example by doing something, it is still in a sorry state of affairs.

Ironically, may be we should all start writing/speaking R.S.V.P. to get the response from the receiver to complete the progression, as our Managers/leaders truly require practice in the art of communicating effectively.

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    Realy good discussion. It helps to understand the importance of  Responding.

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    RSVP good topic and relevant to this forum.It is a vital part for healthy relation at all level  be it personal or professional.We must practice this. we see many professional also leave vacation message on auto respondent for email message.

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    RSVP helps every one in understanding the need to respond at a particular situation.This topic is very nice.

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    Thank you Mr. Hegde….:)

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    Communication works very well when we respond to the sender, thats the basic requirement…:) and still most of the time we forget to respond…Keep reading..and thanks for reading and appreciating…

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    Thank you Hima..I’m really glad it is helpful for you all…:)

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    It is a good article. Bringing awareness about RSVP / feed back.

  • its a nice article…real problem in real work situation. As rightly said OUR MANAGERS/ LEADERS truly require practice in the art of communicating effectively. But Who ‘ll train them…it should be a part of education system.  

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    Yes, RSVP is definitely a phrase we should include in our communication whether mail, sms or letter, since some people just would not respond to the mail or letter thereby leaving the communication incomplete

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    true and an excellent article to energize our thoughts


    Excellent….  I don’t have any other words to appreciate your writings….Definitely it will be helpful to people……

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    The importance of responding in any situation has been specifically underlined by you. It is definitely the need of any communication &  healthy relations. i liked it.

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    Thank you Archna, you have provided us a new way to look at R.S.V.P. I am completely agree that,  to give response is really necessary because it complete the process of communication. And once we complete the proper process of communication it will reduce the gap and minimize the chances of error or problem.


    This is an excellent article.  Every where, the people will talk more and do less, which is hi-lighted in the article.


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    Following RSVP and responding to it improve Quality and in turn Productivity

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    Excellent and very important article. Very nicely and briefly discussed.Very Good!!!
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    YOU are a great Mathematician!! How Profound!!! Very insightful!  WOW!!   you picked up a small thread in communication and proved that its is  a STRONG ROPE  if completed properly!

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    Though I think myself to be good at communication…but had never thought about the simile as well as the relation it shares with with r.s.v.p. 

    Too good real life examples as well. 

    Best wishes Archana.

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    All these days I was wondering the full-form of RSVP. It is noce you have discussed the significance of the term.
    One of the main reasons we do not respond either in positive or negative is we are not aware of the inconvenience of the sender and the second is we feel that the sender may feel bad if the receiver says no. Indians need to practise assertiveness and should not feel guilty if you cannot make for an event.

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    Very well said. Archna was simply writing the truth which many of us would be reluctant to deny. So to us who have procrastinating on RSVP for loads of reasons – better to reply than no reply at all. Make their day and they would make yours.

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    If people start following this practice, the world would be a better place

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    Thanks for the information.  Even I was very curious to know what that meant.  With this information i could know the full form of it.  Thanks for enlightning me in this regard.

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    ‘Communication’ in its basic definition uses words like – “transmission/exchange of intelligent information'” .
    The problem for no  transmission/exchange or as the article suggests ‘RSVP” is due to :-
    a) Incompetence
    b) Lack of empowerment
    c) Lack of moral courage
    d) Lack of clarity/analysis skills
    e) Lack of vision of the business plan
    g) Lack of Leadership.

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    After reading RSVP, i realised almost every sector, public & private, individual or corporate fall short to always complete this cycle, it simply means justice delayed is justice denied.

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    It is really a very good eyeopener for all those who keep on piling the requests or calls and sitting prettily on them without replying. Either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is required and if possible with some explaining the reason for such a decision.  A good work from you.

    Hariharan P S

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