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Education and learning are very important for the progress of mankind and to spread the light of learning among all the classes of people, the government and NGO’s are taking several steps. With the advent of technology and the growing importance of education now several other teaching and learning methods are evolving and such learning methods are as useful and significant as a regular course.

Living a life in a city is very expensive; it is hard for middle class families to meet their ends just by the earning of one person. People are now more interested in doing jobs than studying, to support the needs of their family. But to grow in a career it is important to have a good academic record and a degree to support your career. For those students who quit the regular study due to one reason or another online education course is a good source to complete their education and enhance their educational qualifications. Online education provides a practical approach to the study. Earlier people were apprehensive about the success of online education but slowly the value and importance of online education has been realized and now there are millions of people continuing their education through the online education program. Students, professional and people who are eager to learn but are unable to continue regular studies are getting benefits from online education. E-learning is the need of of the hour and so governments of different states are investing good amount of time and money to spread education in all sections of the society.

In e-learning, learning and teaching methods are electronic in nature. Communication system and information serve as a specific media to follow learning procedure. We can also say that e-learning is a reference out of classroom and at the same time provides in-classroom educational experience via technology.

E-learning is a web based learning and it is also known as computer-based learning, internet-based training or web-based training. In e-learning program content is delivered to students via intranet/extranet, audio/video tape, CD-ROM and satellite TV. The content can be in the form of text, image, animation, streaming audio and video.

Traditional formal education is based on the principle of “Knowledge reproduction model” and it is supported by class lectures, printed hand-outs, and classroom sessions. In traditional learning method the role of student is passive. Whereas in e-learning a student has to actively participate to learn. The learner should practice what they learn during e-learning course. The role of the teacher/instructor is less active in comparison to the traditional learning method. To make e-learning program more useful it is important to inculcate the feedback. For students it is important to follow the feedback and comments provided by the teacher to improve their performance. In order to make the e-learning procedure successful it is also important to follow the comments and feedbacks provided by the students and make the study program more user friendly and useful.

In e-learning different learning methodologies are followed and they have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Live learning: Also known as a synchronous mode of learning. It supports instant communication between students and teachers and among different students. Virtual classrooms use audio and video conferencing and real-time chat to support smooth communication. Live learning allows instant feedback to the student’s performance and supports regular interaction. The student can easily contact the instructor to solve their queries and problems.

Asynchronous: This method is also known as store and forward education. Here communication between instructor and student is not instant. Student communicates with teachers and fellow students using emails and online bulletin boards. This method is more popular among students as it provides more flexibility and convenience to the students. This method lacks motivation and discipline as a result students develop a lacklustre attitude towards the education program.

The popularity of online study course is increasing among knowledge seekers. Today we live in a competitive world and to remain in the race, individuals have to improve themselves and stand ahead of their competitors only then they will be able to beat them. It is not possible to continue regular study once a person starts a job but for the continuous growth and development of a career it is important to update your key skills and enhance your value.

Here the online educational course plays  a very vital role. Knowledge and learning is a continuous process- the more you learn, the more you gain.

All courses particularly engineering and MBA are not available through online learning. They may be available partially provided one joins a regular institute after getting selected in the entrance tests. This article has been written just to make aspiring students aware of the facility of online learning.

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    Anthony Tjan   Posted by

    Why Some People Have All the Luck

    business builders just seem to have more luck than others. In fact, many of the
    entrepreneurs and business builders I know say luck is a driving factor in
    their success.

    But luck in business isn’t entirely, well, luck. There’s a popular saying that
    “you make your own luck.” This “make your own luck”
    principle has become a central chapter of a book I am co-authoring for Harvard
    Business Review Press. Luck, alongside Heart, Smarts, and Guts — turns out to
    be a critical factor in entrepreneurial DNA and successful business-building.

    the course of now hundreds of interviews, collaborations and interactions with
    entrepreneurs, my co-authors Richard Harrington and Tsun-yan Hsieh and I found
    that, while there are certain types of luck which you cannot affect
    (deterministic or probabilistic or elements such as where you were born, or
    which card you draw from a deck of 52), there is absolutely a lot of luck that
    you can meaningfully influence. Arguably, most of “business luck” can
    be influenced — i.e. you can increase your propensity to be lucky in business
    if you understand how.

    Being “luckier” in business is fundamentally about having the right
    LUCKY ATTITUDE. As it turns out, luck is as much about attitude as it is about

    We have found in our research that people who self-describe themselves as lucky
    in their entrepreneurial profile with us tend to be luckier because they have
    the right attitude. Their secret towards a lucky attitude — whether consciously
    or unconsciously- stems from three traits:

    1. At the foundation of a lucky attitude is humility. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, helped identify humility as one of the key traits
    of the high performing leader. Having a lucky attitude begins with humility and
    open vulnerability towards your own limitations. You need enough
    self-confidence to command the respect of others, but that needs to be
    counter-balanced with knowing that there is much you simply don’t know.
    Humility is the path towards earning respect while self-confidence is the path
    towards commanding it. But it is humility that humanizes leaders and allows
    them to be luckier. It is at the root of self-awareness, and creates the
    openness for one to take on our next lucky attitude trait — intellectual curiosity.

    2. Intellectual curiosity is an active response to
    Humility gives people the capacity to be intellectually curious. Conversely,
    people who are fully confident or arrogant are less likely to question their
    personal assumptions and outlook of the world. Business builders who are
    intellectually curious hold a voracious appetite to learn more about just about
    anything. They devour reading, listen to suggestions, and explore new ideas at
    a much higher rate than others. They are more frequently asking questions than
    trying to answer them. Ultimately they become luckier because they are more
    willing to meet new people, ask new questions, and go to new places.

    3. Optimism is the energy source to allow for
    positive change.
    If humility is the foundation for intellectual curiosity, then an optimistic
    disposition gives one the belief and energy that more, better, faster is always
    possible. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy: more luck tends to come to those
    who believe in possibility — to those who see the good in something before they
    see the bad. Optimists are givers of energy rather than takers of it. By having
    a positive disposition, such individuals are more likely to have a greater
    number of seemingly “surprise” encounters with good fortune. They are
    also more likely to act on what they find through their intellectually curious
    pursuits because they believe — always believe — in the potential for better.

    basic equation of developing the right lucky attitude therefore is quite
    simple. It starts with having the humility to be self- aware, followed by the
    intellectual curiosity to ask the right questions, and concluding with the
    belief and courage that something better is always possible (optimism). The
    luckiest people in the business world are those who hold all three elements of
    this lucky attitude equation of humility, intellectual curiosity, and optimism.
    They are the people who say to themselves: I am humble enough to say I don’t
    know how to make better/perfect happen on my own; I am curious and courageous
    enough to ask questions that might help make something closer to perfect; and
    finally I embrace the “glass half-full” optimism that the end result
    can always be improved, so let me act towards that objective. That is the
    mindset of the lucky business builder. It is one that most people can have if
    they are just willing to believe



  • Craze of online education is increasing in folks. Main reason is the
    save of time and money throwout online course. If you are working person
    then online education is the better option to learn more.

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    An MBA is of the most coveted postgraduate degrees today not for business professionals, but for college graduates in general. It helps to set your career also. If you haven’t a time then online education is the best option for you. It saves your money and time.